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A collection of tips and advice all brothers and sisters of the catholic religion, including common catholic questions

who are the three archangels?


The three Archangels for Catholics are Michael (Who is like God?), Raphael (God’s Doctor) and Gabriel (God’s Power)These are the only 3 named Angels in sacred scripture and have incredibly important roles as Guardian Angels in the lives of Catholics. Most people when they think of Archangels are mistaken in thinking that they are just “Fairy Tales” or “Make...

How To Design A Catholic Prayer Room


The Catholic Church has many beautiful and elaborate buildings, but most of them are not intended for regular use. To be used by the many, the Vatican, for example, has a multitude of chapels for different purposes: some are for private prayer, some are for special events, and others are for public worship. But what about the ordinary Catholic? What are his or her options for a place to pray...

Catholic Words of Inspiration


Each time we read the Bible or pray the rosary, we can learn something and how to live a good life. But there are many more ways to learn from the Catholic Church than just through the Bible and prayer. Sometimes, there are catholic words that inspire us more. What is a Catholic word of inspiration?  It is a simple phrase or piece of wisdom that has the power to make you reflect on your...

How To defeat prayerlessness once and for all


Prayerlessness is a very dangerous sin that can overcome you at any moment, it starts slowly but once you start forgetting to pray you are certainly drifting down a dangerous road. Prayer is one of our most powerful forces that puts is in direct communication with God, once that communication becomes broken it is fair to say the rest of your life will quickly become affected. The power of prayer...

3 Ways to Use Holy Water in The Home


Did you know that using a holt water every day is such an amazing practice? It can keep you and your home clear of dense energies and enable you to function in a highly vibrating area that increases your energy level and helps your life to flow more easily. What is a Holy Water? Holy Water is the water that a bishop or a priest has blessed. It’s a sign of the sacrament of baptism. In case you...

What Do Catholics Believe In?


Are you one of those who grew up Catholic and no longer attend a Catholic church? Maybe you have never known many things about the Catholic faith. You may have some questions in mind about what Catholics believe in. In today’s post, we will talk about the important beliefs that will help you understand more about the Catholic Church. More than five hundred years ago, an Augustinian monk and...

what does archangel michael look like


For most people, imagining what Archangel Michael actually looks like can help them envision while making the Archangel Michael Prayer. While we don’t have any scripture to confirm facial features such as hair colour, skin colour or details of that matter.. what we do know is that Archangel Michael is one Powerful Angel. Arhchangel Michael is a fierce warrior who is prophecised to lead the...

why do catholics pray to saints?


Many non-religious people are puzzled when they hear about the Catholic Church and its practice of praying to Saints. Most of them think that Catholics are the only ones who do this, but this is not true.Even today there are Catholics who are active in prayer groups, and they too keep their prayers with the same fervor as other believers. Why is it that Catholics have a special relationship with...

catholic sign of the cross


Making the sign of the cross is a religious ritual in some parts of Catholicism. It involves saying a special prayer, then presenting the sign of the cross to Jesus. Making the sign of the cross, or publiclyading oneself or actually crossing oneself, is also a spiritual blessing made by many members of different branches of Christianity. This ritual is commonly performed by both men and women...



What exactly is Confessing? If a human being is in dire need of personal, mental, or spiritual development, he or she may seek advice from a Confessor. A Confessor is a religious person who goes to the church to seek out guidance on one’s spiritual quest. He or she will listen carefully to the Word of God and then give sincere answers. While most people would seek the advice of a priest...

21st Century Catholic Evangelization brought to you by the Evangelization Committee of the National Conference of Catechetical Leadership