3 Ways to Use Holy Water in The Home

Did you know that using a holt water every day is such an amazing practice? It can keep you and your home clear of dense energies and enable you to function in a highly vibrating area that increases your energy level and helps your life to flow more easily.

What is a Holy Water?

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Holy Water is the water that a bishop or a priest has blessed. It’s a sign of the sacrament of baptism. In case you didn’t know yet, Catholic churches normally keep some in a baptistry font and a smaller font or a stoup seen close to the church’s entrance?

It’s a common habit for Catholics to dip their hands or fingers in the vessel and bless themselves with the water as they arrive at the church.

Apart from its priestly and prayer uses, you would be shocked to realize that Holy Water can be utilized in many different ways, not only by the clergy members. Here are the top three ways you can use Holy Water in your home.

Top Three Ways of Using Holy Water

Holy Water must not only be kept inside the church. In fact, you can bring a bottle with you and find various uses for it. Below are the top ways you can use the Holy Water to sanctify various aspects of your life.

  1. Bless your new car

You spend most of your time inside your car, and accidents are neither infrequent nor jokes.

There’s no doubt that safety on the road is of utmost importance. What better way to gear yourself on the road than to seek spiritual safety through the blessing of Holy Water? You can bless your car by yourself, or you can ask a priest to do it for you.

2. Bless your new house

Purchasing a new house or moving to a new home is an occasion that is worth celebrating. Many Roman Catholics mark that event by hosting a simple house blessing. You see, that’s an excellent way for the priest to bring peace and positivity into the new living quarters, bedroom, bathroom, and more.

The best part about it is that that offers you—the homeowner—the opportunity to give thanks to the Lord for the gift of a new house and living it with your loved ones.

3. Bless your family

Bear in mind that holy water is not only a religious effect you might utilize to fight off evil. Holy Water is something you may also utilize to bless your environment, including your family members and surroundings.

Depending on the parish you belong to, you may also seek to bless your room or family by yourself every time you pray. Other parishes may reserve the right to bless individuals for priests only. Nonetheless, some parishes are much lenient and might let you use Holy Water over your family, especially if it makes you more connected with the Father and much safer.

You see, Holy Water is great and should be used often. The ideas above are some of the best ways you can start using them.

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