21st Century Catholic Evangelization brought to you by the Evangelization Committee of the National Conference of Catechetical Leadership


A collection of powerful prayers for all moments, prayer is the weapon we use to win in life.

St. Philomena Prayer


The Roman Catholic church has so many great saints. Have you ever heard about the saint named Philomena? You could say that St. Philomena’s life is a bit of a mystery. The early Christian Church seems to have known a little about who she was, but not a lot. Her story has been variously attributed to various saints and figures who lived in different eras and locales. Some accounts say that she was...

What Do You Pray to Archangel Michael For?


We all have our own personal approach, but most of us have a set of beliefs that we feel comfortable praying to God. From common requests like “give me a sign” or “tell me it’s going to be okay” to more intimate prayers like “I want to lose this weight” or “I want to find a new job,” we rely on our faith to help guide us through life. If you...

Prayer To Avoid Fornication


For many people, helping others and helping yourself is an important and necessary part of life. However, fornication is a serious sin that we should all avoid, and we can do that by praying to avoid fornication. Is there a prayer to avoid fornication? What Is Fornication? A common saying along the lines of “God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.” While we agree that no one should...

Prayer To Archangel Chamuel


Next time you’re having a bad day and feel like you’re on the brink of a breakdown, try to remember that no matter how bad things seem, they could always be worse. That’s the way we tend to see things, but we forget that we’re not our worst enemy. If we focused on improving things, we’d realize that there’s always a way out of a bad situation and that we have...

Archangel Raziel Prayer for Money


We all know who the archangels are. They’re the angels of God that watch over us throughout life, and they’re here to help us. Yes, they’re the same angels that look after us throughout life, but that’s not all they do. Some of them are here to help us, especially with our financial matters. Many of us have a wealth of problems in life, and for some of us, these problems...

4 Morning prayers for your family to Kickstart Your Day


What a beautiful way to start the day, a family gathered around the table engaging in prayer first thing in the morning. That day is certain to be a blessed day and a blessed family…especially with no mobile phone or TV around! Most modern families now seem to start their morning separately, gone seem to be the beautiful, glorious days of sitting at the table together. The importance of...

saint roch prayer


St Roch is a catholic saint with incredible power in defeating plagues, he is the patron saint of dogs and those suffering from ill health or ailments. These prayer to St Roch will be sure to offer protection against plagues and ill health, and protect your dog so your dog may protect you. Upon his pilgrimage to Europe St Roch was saddened by how many were being struck down by the black plague...

Prayer to archangel raphael


Archangel Raphael: The Archangel of Healing and Inspiration The Archangel Raphael is among the most well-known of all angels. He is also known as the archangel of healing. He is one of the three who is believed to stand at the gates of heaven to welcome people who come to worship God. The other two are Michael and Gabriel. Knowing More About Archangel Raphael The story of Archangel Raphael (or...

Prayer for Immediate Help from God


Praying is a direct one-on-one communication with God. It’s a way for you to get a word in with Him. It’s a way you can speak up if you ever have a problem or need something done. You can talk to God not only in times of trouble but also in times of happiness and joy as well. God doesn’t always give you what you want. He gives you what you need, even if it’s not what you...

3 Signs to Know Archangel Michael Is Close


The Archangel Michael is the most famous of all angels in Catholicism. He’s the angel behind the Catholic Church and is often seen as the angel of peace. The archangel is also believed to be involved in many other things. The main 3 things people believe he’s involved with are casting out demons, protecting children, and destroying evil. Most Christian churches believe that the...

21st Century Catholic Evangelization brought to you by the Evangelization Committee of the National Conference of Catechetical Leadership