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Serving Catholic leaders in their ministry of evangelization with curated knowledge, approaches, strategies, and resources to reach out to those who have never heard the gospel proclaimed, to re-engage those who have lost a living faith in their daily lives, and to those who are faithful and need to be renewed with increased catechesis. Follow all the latest highlights from the #walkwithfrancis (Pope Francis’ visit to Washington DC) ,such an uplifting moment in catholic history.

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What Does the Catholic Church Believe About Mary?


Mary has been one of the most influential women in history, but her influence on the Catholic Church is often overlooked. Although she died more than 1,400 years ago, she is still considered by the Church to be the most important of the three disciples of Jesus and has been associated with some of the greatest events in church history. The Catholic Church believes that Mary, Mother of Jesus, is...

What Does It Mean to Be Catholic?


Being a Catholic is a simple belief system to follow, but the extent of the beliefs and practices can seem overwhelming to those new to the faith. Some people might give you a blank stare when you tell them you’re a Catholic, but to them, you might as well be talking a foreign language. In reality, it’s not that hard to understand what being Catholic means, but it can be a bit overwhelming to...

What Does the Bible Say About Catholicism?


There is a lot of conversation about the connection between the Bible and Catholicism nowadays.  The conversation usually revolves around how it is a Catholic scripture and what it has to say about things like salvation and baptism and what not. Read more. The Connection As one of the most influential books of history, the Bible is also one of its most controversial texts. On the one hand...

St. Philomena Prayer


The Roman Catholic church has so many great saints. Have you ever heard about the saint named Philomena? You could say that St. Philomena’s life is a bit of a mystery. The early Christian Church seems to have known a little about who she was, but not a lot. Her story has been variously attributed to various saints and figures who lived in different eras and locales. Some accounts say that she was...

St Michael The Archangel in The Bible


St Michael is also known as St. Michael the Archangel and is the patron saint of the air force, air defense, military and law enforcement hence most of the common prayers to st Michael cover one of those topics. He is one of the four archangels of the Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Islam and the Christian and the Eastern Orthodoxy religions. He is also venerated as a defender of the Church and...

What is the catholic bible called?


The Catholic Bible is one of the most important books in the world. If the Bible is the main source of faith, then the Bible is the main source of faith. The Bible is the most read book in the world, and it is also the most studied book in the world. For the most part, the Bible is the most important book. But, did you know what the Catholic Bible is called? The Bible The Catholic Bible is an...

What do catholic’s believe about jesus?


The Catholic Church is the world’s largest Christian denomination, with 1.2 billion followers. It’s also the largest religious body in the world, with over 100,000 priests, nuns, and other clergy members. The Church is so vast, and it has more priests than all the countries in Europe combined. For many people, the word “catholic” is synonymous with “Catholicism...

Who is the Supreme Archangel?


The angels are the closest beings to God in the angelic hierarchy. They are all-powerful, revered, and can control nature but are not equal. There are four angels that are the most supreme in the entire angelic realm. If you think about it, all four of these archangels hold very different positions in the Celestial Interiors. Gabriel sets the agenda. Michael is the leader. Uriel is the ultimate...

What Are the Different Types of Catholics?


Catholics are a large group of Christians who adhere to the teachings of the Catholic Church. It’s the largest Christian church in the world, with over 1.3 billion members, making it the largest religious denomination in the world. But there are many different types of Catholic churches in the world. They are usually contrasted in terms of their liturgical tradition. The differences in the...

What Do You Pray to Archangel Michael For?


We all have our own personal approach, but most of us have a set of beliefs that we feel comfortable praying to God. From common requests like “give me a sign” or “tell me it’s going to be okay” to more intimate prayers like “I want to lose this weight” or “I want to find a new job,” we rely on our faith to help guide us through life. If you...

21st Century Catholic Evangelization brought to you by the Evangelization Committee of the National Conference of Catechetical Leadership