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Serving Catholic leaders in their ministry of evangelization with curated knowledge, approaches, strategies, and resources to reach out to those who have never heard the gospel proclaimed, to re-engage those who have lost a living faith in their daily lives, and to those who are faithful and need to be renewed with increased catechesis. Follow all the latest highlights from the #walkwithfrancis (Pope Francis’ visit to Washington DC) ,such an uplifting moment in catholic history.

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catholic sign of the cross


Making the sign of the cross is a religious ritual in some parts of Catholicism. It involves saying a special prayer, then presenting the sign of the cross to Jesus. Making the sign of the cross, or publiclyading oneself or actually crossing oneself, is also a spiritual blessing made by many members of different branches of Christianity. This ritual is commonly performed by both men and women...

Prayer to St Anthony


St. Anthony of Padua is the Doctor of the Church and patron of the poor. He was a member of religious order, Franciscan, established by none other than St. Francis of Assisi). He was popularly known as a great theological instructor and preacher. Saint Anthony (1195 to 1231) was also popular as the “hammer of heretics” due to his devotion to his faith. In 1232, Pope Gregory IX canonized him as a...



What exactly is Confessing? If a human being is in dire need of personal, mental, or spiritual development, he or she may seek advice from a Confessor. A Confessor is a religious person who goes to the church to seek out guidance on one’s spiritual quest. He or she will listen carefully to the Word of God and then give sincere answers. While most people would seek the advice of a priest...

Prayer for Anxiety


If you are reading this, I am guessing you are struggling with anxiety, and you are looking for strength and hope. We live in a world where we are attacked by situations or events that cause worry and panic. Yes, anxiety occurs at any time. If you leave it unaddressed, it will bring your non-stop fear and panic. Anxiety is a feeling of intense fear and panic. In most cases, your breathing may...

5 POwerful Catholic Funeral Songs


Music is no doubt a crucial part of many funeral services, whether it’s religious or not. Just keep in mind that the details identify the atmosphere of any event. Nowhere is this more vital than at a funeral. Funeral music plays a substantial role in the overall tone. On top of that, funeral songs can impact how people feel. Picking uplifting funeral songs for an -in-person funeral, memorial...

how to read the catholic bible in chronological order


How to read the Catholic Bible in chronological order, is one of the most difficult questions that a Catholic may ask. It is a very serious question and one that has caused much debate among Christians for centuries. When you are asked to read the Bible in this manner, it is almost as if you are being told to blindly follow and not really have any idea what you are doing. Is that wise? Probably...

Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel


Have you heard Prayer St. Michael the Archangel before? It’s more likely that you know his name but doesn’t know about his story and origin. St. Michael is an archangel, and you can learn about his war against evil in the Book of Revelation 12:7-8. Did you know that devotion to Michael the Archangel is one of the ancient devotions of the Church? No doubt, his roles in the divine plan of God date...

st benedict prayer


St Benedict was proclaimed by Pope Paul VI as the patron saint of Europe. He portrayed the spirit of moderation. Benedict’s monks are allowed clothes that suit to climate, enough food and sufficient sleep. St Benedict is known as the “Father of Western monasticism,” since he established a Rule that became norm for Christian nuns and monks. It is believed that St Benedict can offer you protection...

Prayer for Strength


At some point in your life, you may feel helpless and hopeless. It is like you have lost all your strength, from the physical to the spiritual aspect. The situation where you find yourself so lost may make you question your ability to deal with all your issues properly. You may also feel that there is no way out since you are overwhelmed by the negative thoughts and emotions. Don’t worry; you are...



A traditional Catholic baptism is a highly ritualized and intricate process which includes many details of the Catholic religion into the most official form of child baptism. A Catholic baptism truly is built on a host of core beliefs which make the baptism of a young child of faith all the more important to both the parents and the young child involved in the faith. The church believes that...