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prayer to st joseph


There is a lot of prayers to St Joseph that one can incorporate into their lives. The Church does not seem to restrict anyone in any way when it comes to this holy man. We have read many prayers that express love towards this man and most of them are aimed towards his worthy intentions. We will now look at some of St Joseph’s prayers that you can incorporate into your own life. The first...

how to use blessed oil


Learning how to use blessed oil can be a valuable skill for any Catholic. The most common way to use blessed oil is by buying it or making your own in your home. However, there are other ways to use the blessed stick of oil. It can be used in candles, incense, potpourri and many other ways. Let’s take a look at a few different ways that the blessed stick of oil can be used. Candles are one...

Prayer of Daniel


The Prayer of Daniel has been passed down for thousands of years in the deserts of the Middle East to today’s modern believers. The Prayer of Daniel is a prayer that was passed down from Daniel, who lived in the 4th century B.C., to his friend Hananiah, who also became a prophet. Daniel’s prayer has been translated into over 400 languages and is mentioned in every major modern-day...

prayer to our lady of good health


For many years, praying for our Lady of Good Health has been a popular custom. She is closely associated with herbs and the healing power they possess. Her powers are said to be so powerful that the very air they breathe can heal those who inhale them. Prayer to our Lady of Good Health is used to express our love for her and to ask her to protect us from illness and death. Our Lady of Good Health...

st matthew prayer


We often hear from people that they wish that they could pray to Saint Matthew for money problems, and yet they are worried about the consequences. Are you one of them? If you are then you need to understand that prayer to Saint Matthew can and will work to help you out of your money problems. There is nothing magical about it, no one is asking you to give up anything, just simply change your...

Prayer to the sword of st michael


This is a popular prayer, which is used by many people to pray to the sword of St Michael. The first prayer in the tradition of St Michael is that of St Barbara. It can be said that St Barbara is the patron saint of soldiers and is considered the patron saint of soldiers in general. So when you say this prayer, you are acknowledging your love for soldiers. This is a popular traditional prayer...

Thank you jesus rosary


It is often said, a thank you Jesus rosary is an excellent choice to help fight the battle against any difficulty that may come your way during this period of time when life is on a roller coaster ride. We all know that the season of the year is already full of excitement, challenges and fun for everyone. There are some things we all have in common; we love our families, we want to share a...

1000 Hail Marys


1000 Hail Marys is a powerful prayer for the people in areas prone to hail, tornadoes and heavy rains. Hail Mary is a form of Prayer requesting God to shower those who are affected by the storms with abundant water. Hail Mary is also commonly called Rain Dance. It was created by the Rev. Dr. Isaac Hayes and was originally written back in 1930. 1000 Hail Marys are said to be a time of preparation...

HOW TO MAKE A Catholic home altar


A Catholic home altar is the best way for them to remember the faith and to teach their children what it means to be a Catholic. It includes a gorgeous custom page with special design, all matching covers for your Catholic objects, all instructions for switching your altar over to the various feast days and season, a glossary of helpful terms, checklists for items, and much more! A Catholic home...

Catholic evangelical vs roman catholic


The Catholic evangelical faith is the traditional denomination of the Catholic Church. It differs slightly from the Roman Catholic Church in that it has rejected Latin communion and the authority of the Pope. While the Rome City Catholic Church is recognized as the officially recognized church in the world, it is accepted only by a fraction of the followers. Evangelical Catholics believe that the...