Prayer for Strength


At some point in your life, you may feel helpless and hopeless. It is like you have lost all your strength, from the physical to the spiritual aspect. The situation where you find yourself so lost may make you question your ability to deal with all your issues properly. You may also feel that there is no way out since you are overwhelmed by the negative thoughts and emotions. Don’t worry; you are...

prayer to our lady of good health


For many years, praying for our Lady of Good Health has been a popular custom. She is closely associated with herbs and the healing power they possess. Her powers are said to be so powerful that the very air they breathe can heal those who inhale them. Prayer to our Lady of Good Health is used to express our love for her and to ask her to protect us from illness and death. Our Lady of Good Health...

Evangelization Organization Resources


Alpha For CatholicsAlpha Course Alpha for Catholics is a practical tool that parishes use to inspire Catholic renewal, answer the call to the New Evangelization and the call of Christ and His Church to “go and make disciples of all nations.” Alpha for Catholics is a practical introduction to creedal Christianity over a 10 week course. Unique in its adult learning approach, Alpha...