Why Do Catholics Pray to Mary?


Many people have asked, “Why do Catholics pray to Mary?” A lot of non-Catholics have been proficient from their early years to think that one of the obvious proofs of the falsity of Catholicism is to be seen in the honor that it’s paid to the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Catholic Church and the innumerable trusting prayers given to her by Catholics.

Simultaneously, it’s true that a lot of Catholics are drawn by it so irresistibly that they become Catholics when they realize the real foundations of Catholic devotion to Mary. For the truth is very clear and simple, and all are surrounded by two truths.

Who is Mary?

The Catholic Church holds distinctive Marian dogmas, namely her status as the Mother of God, her Immaculate Conception, her perpetual virginity, and her Assumption into heaven.

Mary is a familiar figure to most Catholics who know anything about Christianity. The Scriptures connect that Almighty God specifically blessed this young woman by picking her to be the mother of Jesus. The birth of Jesus was extremely one-of-a-kind in that Mary was a virgin when she conceived Him.

Particular churches of Christendom have long kept a special veneration for Mary. For instance, the Council of Ephesus announced her “Mother of God” in 431 C.E (see here), and today, many individuals are taught to pray to her.

Mary is the mother of God

Many Catholics do not believe that God was bound by any compulsion to have a Mother. They assume that He prefers to have a Mother and all that this signifies. He picked to let His human body be developed in her womb.

He decided to let her bring Him forth as a small baby into the world. The Lord decided to let her feed Him at her breast, protect Him from threat, carry Him in her arms, and teach Him as a kid would be taught, to speak, pray, and speak.

Thus, He decided to grant Mary a power over Him that only love could bestow. Catholics also believe that in deciding a mother, the Son of God decides to give her the power over His will that the love of a great mother always exerts over a good son.

Mary is the mother to all men

Keep in mind that all Catholics believe the Son of God decides to come into the world through a mother so she might accept all His brothers and the kids of the sinful race of men. He set a good example as to how she must be loved and honored.

He arranged her for that motherhood of all by requesting her to experience all conceivable forms of pain. Hence, He taught her sympathy for the sorrows of her children. He would’ve spared her from pain had she been His mother alone, as He had the supremacy to do so and as He treasured her with endless love. He wrought His first public miracle at her request, and He reminded her when He was dying that she’d been destined from the start to be a mother to all.

Thus, Catholics believe that Mary will be as enthusiastic about helping them in troubles of body and soul as every natural mother is willing to support her child’s welfare.

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