The Difference Between Catholic Evangelicals and Roman Catholics

The Catholic evangelical faith is the traditional denomination of the Catholic Church. It differs slightly from the Roman Catholic Church in that it has rejected Latin communion and the authority of the Pope.
While the Roman Catholic Church is seen as the officially recognized church in the world, it is accepted only by a fraction of the followers.

Evangelical Catholics believe that the teachings of the Pope are infallible and divinely revealed. They also hold to a doctrine of election in which they believe that God has an elect church of believers who have been predestined to union with him.

Mike Pence, Postmodern Evangelical Catholic Conservative
Mike Pence has recently revealed himself as a Evangelical Catholic

Unlike Roman Catholics, this denomination believes in the immediate salvation of all mankind through the saving actions of their Creator. It does not hold to the belief that salvation occurs outside of God.
They also reject the passive obedience as a means of salvation. They prefer active obedience as a means of salvation. Although they teach that salvation is dependent on our acts, they do not hold that salvation is wholly automatic.

While this type of faith is very similar to the Roman Catholic faith, there are some notable differences. One of these differences is that it has always been considered a conservative faith. Catholics are formally tied to the Roman Catholic Church and regard all other Christian denominations as heretics. Evangelicals, on the other hand, were quite an unusual group within the Protestant movement.

Evangelicals have generally been seen as being anti-traditional.

The Reformed Churches, an offshoot of the reformed religion, has long viewed the Catholic Church as being heretical. Catholics commonly refer to these groups as “Papist” or “Reformation” Church. Although both groups have had their disagreements, the main point of difference between them remains that the Roman Catholics is tightly tied to tradition while the reformed churches are much less tied to tradition.

Historically, the biggest break from the Roman Catholic Church happened during the time of the Protestant Martin Luther. This split was so major that it caused the formation of the Protestant Church in the USA.

Catholics were not consulted about this split and were only found to be involved in the formation of the US mainstream churches. Evangelical and charismatic leaders were found to be much more active in promoting the Roman Catholic faith among their communities.

Evangelicals have been found to be actively proselytising throughout the world while the Roman Catholics has always remained secretive about their faith.

It is for this reason that the Roman Catholic Church has always been the more dominant force within the world of Protestantism.

As a whole, both of these denominations share the same fundamental beliefs concerning religion.

They also share a lot of the same practices. Catholics commonly attend church on a regular basis while the Evangelicals are somewhat less regular in their religious activities. There are a few points of common ground where one can draw the lines between the two, however. Catholics and Evangelicals both believe in submission to the church hierarchy, celibacy, Biblical infallibility, the bodily presence of Jesus, the absolute right of salvation, and the salvation of the lost.

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