How to Make a Catholic Home Altar

A Catholic home altar is the best way for you to remember your faith and to teach your children what it means to be a Catholic – it is especially important to have a home altar now with many countries closing churches due to Covid 19 restrictions.

A traditional catholic home altar would include a gorgeous custom page with special design, all matching covers for your Catholic objects, all instructions for switching your altar over to the various feast days and season, a glossary of helpful terms, checklists for items, and much more!

A Catholic home altar is a place where you and your loved one can celebrate the joys of your love for each other.

You can even decorate it to fit the design of the church!

Here are some ideas:

First, on the Catholic home altar you will have a shelf for holding the sacred water from the font where Jesus gave his last prayer – the sacrifice of his life on the cross. Pray over the water in memory of him. On your left side you will have a shelf for holding the rosary beads, and you can always hold one above the prayer book on this shelf when you are praying.
The rosary beads make a beautiful display and help you focus on the sacrifice of Jesus.

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Simple Catholic Home Altar

In addition to the water you will have a shelf for holding up photos of the latest sacramental celebration, such as a funeral, the birth of a child, or a baptismal service. This shelf is a wonderful place for you to share the beauty of your sacred day with friends and family as you remember all the good things about your Saint.
On the right side of this shelf you can also include a photo of the people in your Catholic Church that are in attendance on this holy day.
This can include parishioners, clergy, visitors, or anyone who is very dear to you.

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You may want to include some decorations on your Catholic home altar.

If you like, you can place a statue of an angel or something else in front of the prayer book. You could also place icons around the space, such as the Madonna and Child, or the Eucharistic symbol representing the Holy Trinity. These icons can really enhance the beauty of your domestic church.

If you do not have a statue or want one but would like to include icons around the altar, there is a great selection of them available for sale at your local Catholic Church supplies store.
If you purchase several rosaries, you can place them together in one design to make a gorgeous design for your Catholic home altar. Instead of using traditional metallic rosaries, you can use wooden ones for their durability and symbolism.
You can also find many different shapes of rosaries, such as round and square. Whatever style of rosary you choose, remember that you will be using it daily to make sure you say prayers of thanks each day.

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