How To Be a Better Catholic

Are you wondering how you can become a better Catholic in your daily life?
Do you often feel unworthy every time you look upon Jesus tormented and thought about His sorrows and death?

You know you like to live every day for God.

Well, you can make that living well one day at a time. Keep in mind that God calls you to Him regularly. How will you answer? Here are some practical ways you can become a better Catholic throughout your life.

Follow these steps and discover how to be a better Catholic right away.

  1. Have faith in God

This basic statement isn’t at all times simple to do. When you have faith in God, you show Him that you’re eager to let go of the hold you have on your life and put your life in His hands. You prove to Him that you do trust and love Him by doing that

2. Study more about the saints

You will find many amazing saints in the Catholic church. Do you have a favorite saint? Why don’t you find out more about them? Maybe there’s a saint you’ve heard about several times and have wishes to learn more.

It will help if you spend more time understanding them. What about if you don’t know where to start? There are many websites where you can learn more about them. (see this list of popular saints)

Antigua Guatemala's Church 3

3. Teach your kids about the Lord

You learn more when you teach others. Teaching your kids about God and bringing them up in your Catholic faith is part of your responsibility as their parents. You can find children’s Bibles, catechism books, and biographies of saints that you can read with them.

You will also find free coloring pages and other craft projects that you can do along with your children. The best thing here is that you can pray along with them and teach them your favorite prayers.

Keep in mind that kids always love stories and enjoy hearing about them when their parents grow up. So, why don’t you share your life with them and talk with them about your faith? They will surely love it!4

4. Read the Bible frequently

This is an excellent way to find out more about God. You learn about God’s love for His people in the Old Testament and get to know Jesus in the New Testament as well.

Don’t know how to start reading your Bible? Why don’t you begin a timer for at least fifteen minutes and read the Bible? Start by reading one chapter per day. You will find many different ways you can read the Bible every day. Feel free to choose one and dive in!

5. Don’t forget to Make Daily Prayers

Start talking to God and take time to listen to Him as well. Do not allow your communication to be one-sided. Try various ways of integrating prayer into your life and learn which fits best for you.

Keep in mind that what works best today may vary as your children grow and your life changes. Your prayer life will evolve and develop over time.

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