Does Everyone Have a Guardian Angel?

Everyone has a guardian angel.

Guardian Angels are not some fantasy comic book or Hollywood invention, they are real as confirmed in scripture and by Pope Francis stated about Guardian Angels “The doctrine on angels is not fantasist. No, it’s reality” During his visit to St Peters.

It is the part of ourselves that performs random acts of kindness and smiles on us when we least expect it — a part of who we are and everything we do.

But what does this have to do with religion?

Why would a “guardian angel” be mentioned in the Bible?

Does Everyone Have His or Her Guardian Angel?

Yes, as a matter of fact some people were born with all three archangels looking over them.
You can discover the names of yours with the guardian angel quiz, it uses your birthdate among other factors to quickly and accurately the name of your guardian angel.

My Guardian Angel, My Protector

A guardian angel, or guardian spirit or guardian nature, is an angel who protectively watches over humankind. The concept of the guardian angel is thought to have originated in the Middle Ages, when many individuals who died suddenly of natural causes were believed to have been visited by an angel during their lifetime.  

The term “angel” is not necessarily used to describe the entity believed to be responsible for the guardian spirit. Many cultures have similar concepts and beliefs about the existence of angels or other spirits that protect them. Some people may believe they have a guardian angel, while others may not. Belief in guardian angels and guardian spirits is widespread and is also seen in many other cultures around the world.

How Would You Know If You Have A Guardian Angel?

In the Christian faith, angels are said to be messengers of God, who act as a guiding force in the world. They are often depicted as corporeal beings with wings and halos and are often believed to act as guardians for those who are believed to be doing good deeds hence the tradition of praying to the Guardian Angels.

With this in mind, what would you, or anyone else, know if you had a guardian angel?

For those who believe in angels, this would be the ultimate proof. Many believe that gifts, blessings, and guardian angels are always there for every individual, and a guardian angel can be a literal supernatural being or, in the more modern sense, simply a guiding force in your life that will help you overcome your daily struggles. In short, everyone has that guardian angel, and it’s just a matter of finding him or her.

The majority of people believe that human beings have guardian angels and protect us from harm and guide us in our earthly lives. The belief in guardian angels is a simple one; people believe that they have the ability to look after them and intervene to protect them in times of need. For most, there is no real proof for this, but it seems to make sense that someone or something intervenes to help us when we need it.

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