What Does the Bible Say About Guardian Angels?

Do you believe in guardian angels?

You may have never stopped to think about it before, but the answer to that question can actually have a profound impact on your life, especially if you’re not feeling well or have just lost someone close to you. It’s true that guardian angels watch over us as we sleep, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a role during the day or that we should rely on them exclusively to keep us protected from harm, this is one of the reasons to pray to the Guardian Angels daily.

Our Guardian Angels

An angel is a heavenly being and is often described as an “intercessor” to God. They are usually depicted as friendly and beautiful to help us to reach our goals in life. Prophecies tell us that the ultimate goal of an angel is for us to be with God one day. Why do you think God chooses them to protect us?

Many people believe that God created a guardian for each person. For example, the Midrash Rabbah (the most popular book of Jewish law) says that God created a guardian angel for each person to help protect us from evil. God also sends special angels to guide us and would later send Jesus to be our savior.

A guardian angel is a spiritual being that we humans can call upon to help us in times of need. Sometimes, angels are depicted with wings, while other times, they are simply represented by a bright light or a spiritual force. The Bible has a lot to say about these angelic beings. The Bible says that we can make a pact with the guardian angels of our children and that we can also make a pact to stay with them during their lives.

What does the Bible say?

If you believe in guardian angels or saints in Heaven looking out for us, then you may have asked, What does the bible say about guardian angels?

Behold, I send an Angel before thee, to keep thee in the way, and to bring thee into the place which I have prepared.

Exodus 23:20

Because the Bible is the most written book in history, it naturally has a large and diverse body of believers. The topic of guardian angels is an interesting one. On the surface, it may seem like something that doesn’t even need to be spoken of, especially considering the number of people who believe they don’t exist.  

The most popular belief involves a spirit or person who watches over believers and protects them from harm. Yet, other believers believe that the Bible does not specifically mention guardian angels but suggests the concept is part of God’s plan.

The Bible describes guardian angels who act as protectors for individuals.  

It may not be directly mentioned, but it is described there.

The Angels are supernatural beings who stand in the presence of God and protect humans from the cosmic forces that threaten them. The Bible makes it clear that an individual’s guardian angel is always watching over them and that God desires for all His children to be blessed with the presence of a guardian angel.

The idea of a guardian angel may seem mythical and far-fetched to some, but the concept of angels and people’s beliefs in them is a popular topic of discussion. The Bible talks about angels throughout the Old and New Testaments, but how much of it can take at face value is up for debate.

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