3 Signs to Know Archangel Michael Is Close

The Archangel Michael is the most famous of all angels in Catholicism.

He’s the angel behind the Catholic Church and is often seen as the angel of peace.
The archangel is also believed to be involved in many other things.
The main 3 things people believe he’s involved with are casting out demons, protecting children, and destroying evil.

Most Christian churches believe that the archangel Michael is a great warrior who had been sent by God to save the world from a great disaster.
These days, he’s busy fighting on the frontline of the war in heaven, which means he’s usually not very close to the earth. But on certain days, he can be spotted nearby.
The phenomenon is called “angelic visitatio,” and it happens when certain groups of people all over the world share the same vision of an angel in their dreams.  

Would you believe that Archangel Michael is just near us, people, protecting us from evil?

If you have been making the famous Prayer to Archangel Michael then make sure you keep a close eye out for these signs,

Here Are The 3 Signs to Know Archangel Michael is Close:

1. You hear his voice and his presence.

At a time when the world is faced with the most formidable challenges humanity has ever faced, Archangel Michael is here to help in various ways. He is always ready to take on evil at all times. It is said that he speaks to many people, either directly or indirectly. It’s because he has a lot of wisdom, and he speaks to people from all walks of life. His voice will be similar to everything you have ever heard. It will be a voice that will speak with authority. It will be a voice that will tell you to take a stand. This voice will be persistent in your head and your heart, and it will not be easily ignored.

2. You will notice physical signs telling you that he is just near you.

There are three physical signs that will allow you to sense his presence. The first is the sensation of a warm breeze on the back or the top of the head. It is similar to the sensation of a warm, dry wind as if you were outside on a hot summer day. There is a feeling of energy going through the body. Another sign is a feeling of weightlessness. There is a sensation of energy being released in the head or a feeling of being lifted. Another sign is the sense of being very tired. There is a sense of being drained of energy and of being tired.  

3. You feel an overwhelming sense of peace and reassurance.

The energy of archangels is immense. It is so overwhelming that the positive effects of it can be felt through our own bodies. You may feel all the different emotions that come with it. One of the signs that Archangel Michael is close is that you feel a peaceful, blissful, and confident feeling. This means that an archangel is close to you. Or maybe, archangels are already close to you.

There are not many signs that a famous angel is coming to visit us, but Archangel Michael has been mentioned in the bible more than anyone else. He will be the final archangel to come, according to the bible. Take note of the signs that you may see so that you can be prepared when the famous archangel Michael comes.

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