3 Ways to Live Like a Catholic Saint

There are few people we admire more than the saints. They live their lives with such bravery and humility that we see their example and want to try and live as they do. But, how do they do it? Read more.

Ways To Live Like A Catholic Saint

It’s no secret that Catholic saints are people who have led exemplary lives. They are models for us to emulate. They are usually people who have shown great love for God, their fellow man, and themselves. They have not only made the ultimate sacrifice but have shown their love for God at all times.

How many Catholic saints are there?

Why do people want to live like a Catholic saint?

People want to live like a Catholic Saint because they believe that will help them reach Heaven. And many people who live like a Catholic Saint will indeed go to Heaven.

Though the bible is mostly silent on what it means to live like a Catholic saint, it nonetheless offers several helpful suggestions that can help us live to our full potential. Here are the following 3 ways to live like a Catholic saint:

1. Care for the Church

As Catholics, we are called to love God above all things. We are to seek God’s will for our lives and be holy in body, soul, and mind. We are called to hold fast to the Catholic faith, be faithful to the teachings of the Church, and be charitable to all people. We are called to have a love for the Church, to be open to God’s word through the Holy Eucharist, and to be obedient to the Church’s teachings. We are called to have a love for our neighbor, to be charitable to those in need, and to love our neighbors as ourselves. We are called to be charitable to our fellow man.

2. Do our part to care for the creation

Pope Francis has challenged us to be good stewards of creation as part of our Christian call to holiness. This is a call we will always need to take seriously because we cannot separate our salvation from the stewardship of creation. We do our part to care for creation as one of the ways we can live like a Catholic Saint and fulfill our vocation as stewards of creation.

3. Help others

To be like a Catholic Saint, you must learn to take care of others, but not just in the way that you would like to be taken care of. To be like a Catholic Saint, you must learn to take care of others in all your relationships. I am not talking about your people skills here, but about the spiritual ones. If you desire to be like a Catholic Saint, you must make daily prayers to the saints, you must learn to take care of your spiritual self, your spiritual family, your spiritual friends, and your spiritual enemies.

In addition to our time spent in prayer and religious education, we are also called to help others. We need to help in many ways. One way that we can do this is by giving our time and money to various causes.   The Catholic Church has always been about more than just religion. And it’s about living a life of dignity under God. So, too, is the approach of ways to live like a Catholic saint. These three ways of life are simple, uncluttered, and focused on service—making life more meaningful. Living the Catholic life is more about willing things be than, and not about controlling them

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