4 Morning Prayers for your Family to Kickstart Your Day

What a beautiful way to start the day, a family gathered around the table engaging in prayer first thing in the morning. That day is certain to be a blessed day and a blessed family…especially with no mobile phone or TV around!

Most modern families now seem to start their morning separately, gone seem to be the beautiful, glorious days of sitting at the table together.

The importance of saying prayers together as a family in the morning can be seen in the below pictures.

Vintage Family Eating Breakfast in the Kitchen Poster | Zazzle.com in 2021  | Family eating, Family illustration, Kitchen posters

Are families spending less time together due to screens? — Quartz

It is fair to say, if you own your morning you own the day. What a powerful strong way to start the day, as a family gathered together at the table in the morning saying a prayer together before eating your breakfast and yes – before drinking your coffee! Let’s take a look at some morning prayers for your family that will guarantee you a glorious day.

Morning Family Prayers For Protection

I pray…may my family be protected from harm, misfortune and sadness. May we enjoy the privilege of spending time together to share joy, celebrate happy occasions and to be there for each other when there is need for comfort.


Morning Prayer for your Family and Friends

Wishing your friends a great day in prayer is another terrific thing to do in the morning, sure you are going to bump into your friends during the day so it is only right you pray for them also in the morning so that they are in good stead throughout the day.

Dear Lord thank you for watching over me and my family during the night, thank you for waking us up this amazing morning. I am grateful and blessed to embrace another day.
Cloth me with the right attitude today.
Endow me with your holy spirit and send afresh anointing on me.
Less of my flesh and more of your spirit in Jesus name.


Dear Lord, I pray, please bless my family friends and loved ones with your love and protect them from harm.
Give them grace to forgive, strength to overcome all the difficulties they face and keep them together when the world tries to pull them apart.
Thank you Lord.


Morning Prayer The Kids Can Say

Dear Lord, thank you for the gift of life and thank you for my family. Order my steps throughout the day and direct my every path and decision. In Jesus name I pray.

So there we have some really wonderful prayers that will get your morning and day off to a wonderful start, there are many psychological benefits to prayer so that’s why its a great addition to your morning family routine. It only takes a minute and will last your whole day so get into the habit of sitting together as a family in the morning and praying together.

Remember – The family that prays together, stays together!

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