5 Powerful Catholic Funeral Songs

Music is no doubt a crucial part of many funeral services, whether it’s religious or not. Just keep in mind that the details identify the atmosphere of any event. Nowhere is this more vital than at a funeral. Funeral music plays a substantial role in the overall tone.

On top of that, funeral songs can impact how people feel. Picking uplifting funeral songs for an -in-person funeral, memorial slideshow, or virtual funeral service can help mourners feel love.

Setting the Perfect Mood with a Catholic Funeral Song

Where will you celebrate? Will the funeral service happen in a religious place? Then you will prefer to work with your funeral celebrate to establish a soundscape, which harmonizes spiritually, be it more something unexpected or traditional funeral hymns.

However, are you planning to host a wake or a home farewelling? Maybe you’re hosting a post-service gathering. Whatever the case, you need to design a playlist filled with the favorite tune of your loved one.

Here are some options for you to consider.

  1. Angels Among Us by Alabama

Did you know that this band was one of the thriving bands in the realm of country music? Alabama combines Southern rock and country vibe with gospel and pop. Their song Angels Among Us is about departed loved ones in heaven guiding you through tough times.

  • Rock of Ages by Aretha Franklin

This song is a traditional Christian hymn that Reverend Augustus Toplady created. As the story behind the song, Toplady traveled through a gorge in England when he’s caught in a risky storm.

He was able to take shelter in a gap within the rocks and was motivated to write the hymn while riding out the storm. The song’s lyrics tell that God is like a rock and won’t abandon you when you feel alone.

  • Jesus Promised Me a Home Over There by Jennifer Hudson

Singer and award-winning actress Hudson performs an excellent version of the gospel standard on her debut album in 2008. The lyrics are mainly about Christians going back home to Jesus when they pass away.

  • Broken Halos by Chris Stapleton

This song by Chris Stapleton obtained a Grammy for the best country song in 2018. Broken Halos was mainly inspired by the individuals who have passed away before their time. The song provides a tender reminder to keep your faith, even in the middle of tragedy, along with a much Southern gospel folk-rock style instead of a country song.

  • Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

This song was initially not a huge success. Later on, other artists such as Jeff Buckley and John Cale started to cover it, and the song’s popularity grew.

Cohen references in the song the many biblical figures and stories, including Bathsheba, King David, and Samson and Delilah, among others. Did you know that the artist himself wrote at least eighty verses for the song and often sang other lyrics in live performances?

Despite many choices, keep in mind that you need to put something together that memorializes the person who has died. Pick their favourite or go with songs that make you think of them.

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