Prayer for Anxiety

If you are reading this, I am guessing you are struggling with anxiety, and you are looking for strength and hope.

We live in a world where we are attacked by situations or events that cause worry and panic. Yes, anxiety occurs at any time. If you leave it unaddressed, it will bring your non-stop fear and panic.

Anxiety is a feeling of intense fear and panic. In most cases, your breathing may grow rapid, your chest tends to constrict, and you fail to focus on anything. Whatever worries you makes you feel that there is no way out. If you’re looking for additional prayers to help you in times of anxiety or even trouble sleeping, check out our powerful Psalms for Sleep.

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Do not worry too much; you can fight anxiety through prayers. You can always cat your worries and fears to God.

Below are prayers for anxiety that you can utter every time you feel your emotions start to reel:

Heavenly Father, You made me and knew me. I come to you to lay my fear and panic at Your feet. Remind me of Your grace and power when I am crushed by anxiety. Fill me with Your lasting peace and love. I cannot defeat my fears and worries on my own; I need your supporting hand. I trust in You. Amen.

Dear Lord, my anxiety and fear are crushing my whole system. I feel troubled inside. Free my heart, lift my mind and help me see the truth. Help me realize clarity and take things slowly. At this moment, I know Your love and grace can set me free. I am leaning on you. Amen.

Loving God, my heart and mind are troubled. Fears and worries always haunt me, and I don’t know what to do. Please calm me and give me peace of mind. My soul seems like in a turbulent sea. Give me clarity and strength to walk the path You have laid out for me. Amen.

O Lord, I have been so worried about the things I cannot control. I know I should let go of these things as they trouble my heart and soul. So, here I am, asking for your guidance and clear my mind. Help me understand that I have nothing to worry or fear about. Amen.

Father, you are my source of peace. I am worried and feeling stress. To many things trouble my mind, and the fears I feel are making me helpless. Please strengthen me and give me clarity. I trust You that I can survive this situation through You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Dear Lord, my heart is heavy, and I feel weary of the things around me. Words like exhausted, distraught, and overwhelmed describe where I am. Please help me show how to carry my heavy load. Calm my heart and mind and take all my worries and fears from me. Amen.

You may be good at hiding and masking your anxious feelings, but they can destroy you from inside out. Once you fail to focus on tasks due to panic attacks, you will not live the full life that God has for you. However, prayers and your faith in God can erase all your anxiety. 

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