Who are the Three Archangels?

The three Archangels for Catholics are Michael (Who is like God?), Raphael (God’s Doctor) and Gabriel (God’s Power).

These are the only 3 named Angels in sacred scripture and have incredibly important roles as Guardian Angels in the lives of Catholics.

Most people when they think of Archangels are mistaken in thinking that they are just “Fairy Tales” or “Make Believe”. This could be because of the “Hollywood appearance” of Archangels being depicted as warriors with wings almost like a Marvel comic book!

But make no mistake, Archangels ARE real and are played a vital role in the formation of our Faith and as protectors of us.

It is true they are warriors, they fight against Satan and forces of evil all while protecting us.

“Michael: Help us in our battle – each of us has a battle to fight in our lives; Gabriel: Bring us news, bring us the good news of salvation; Raphael: Take us by the hand and lead us forward without taking the wrong turns. Always walking forward, but with your help!”

A prayer from Pope Francis on 29th September.

It is important to make prayer to the Archangels named here if we want them to intercede for us.

The role of the Three Archangels For Catholics

The three Archangels have always played important roles and will continue to do so, not just in the Heavenlies and in the fight against Satan, but in your life.

They are messengers from God, bridging us closer, they are with God and help bring messages to us in times of need.

Always remain confident that the three Archangels are looking after you, understand their specific roles and call from them to intervene in circumstances which suit them, if you need healing turn to Archangel Raphel, If you need Protection then Pray to Archangel Michael.

Let us know in the comments your experiences with the Archangels!

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