Prayer to Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael: The Archangel of Healing and Inspiration The Archangel Raphael is among the most well-known of all angels. He is also known as the archangel of healing. He is one of the three who is believed to stand at the gates of heaven to welcome people who come to worship God. The other two … Read more

Catholic Words of Inspiration

With all the “doom and gloom” thrown at us daily, when time gets tough turn to these Catholic words of inspiration to uplift and motivate you and bring you back closer to God. Some of these inspiration quotes will be from the Saints, some from the Pope and others from scripture, but memorising some of … Read more

Does Everyone Have a Guardian Angel?

Everyone has a guardian angel. Guardian Angels are not some fantasy comic book or Hollywood invention, they are real as confirmed in scripture and by Pope Francis stated about Guardian Angels “The doctrine on angels is not fantasist. No, it’s reality” During his visit to St Peters. It is the part of ourselves that performs random … Read more

3 Signs to Know Archangel Michael Is Close

Archangel Michael

The Archangel Michael is the most famous of all angels in Catholicism. He’s the angel behind the Catholic Church and is often seen as the angel of peace. The archangel is also believed to be involved in many other things. The main 3 things people believe he’s involved with are casting out demons, protecting children, … Read more

3 Prayers For a Financial Miracle

There comes a time in everybody’s life where you need a financial miracle, perhaps your car has broke down or you need money for some other pressing event. First things first though, take a look at Psalm 49:20 “People who have wealth but lack understanding are like the beasts that perish.” What this means, you … Read more

Who are the Three Archangels?

The three Archangels for Catholics are Michael (Who is like God?), Raphael (God’s Doctor) and Gabriel (God’s Power). These are the only 3 named Angels in sacred scripture and have incredibly important roles as Guardian Angels in the lives of Catholics. Most people when they think of Archangels are mistaken in thinking that they are … Read more

4 MIRACULOUS Prayers for Healing

When a loved one or even yourself is unwell, a lot of us don’t realise the power that healing prayers have, there has been thousands of not millions of real world examples where prayer has healed, now I am not for one minute suggesting turn your back on modern medicine , but use prayer alongside … Read more

Prayer Points for Breakthrough

Praying is a simple way of helping yourself, a person, or a situation you are concerned about. Imagine if everyone were to stop praying for just a few minutes a day. What would happen? People would be happier, relationships would become stronger, and the world would be a better place. We use prayer points to … Read more

Prayer Of Confession

If you go to confession, you will probably say a prayer of confession. You may not realize it, but the prayer you say is the same prayer that was prayed by Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.  It is the prayer we have been praying every time we go to confession for the last 2000 … Read more

The Sin of Prayerlessness

Prayerlessness is a very dangerous sin that can overcome you at any moment, it starts slowly but once you start forgetting to pray you are certainly drifting down a dangerous road. Prayer is one of our most powerful forces that puts is in direct communication with God, once that communication becomes broken it is fair … Read more

Prayer for the End of the Day

As you wake up in the morning, God gives you a blessing. So, it will never hurt to spend the end of the day praying and thanking Him for another beautiful day. Is it difficult for you to be at peace after a stressful day? Do you find it hard to sleep at night? Busy … Read more

Prayer for Souls in Purgatory

If a loved one passed away or someone lost a dear member of their family, prayers for souls in purgatory are essential. You may have a peace of mind believing that your loved ones have an Eternal Life with God; prayers for their dearly departed’s souls will not hurt. Beware that the souls of people … Read more

What Do Catholics Believe In?

Are you one of those who grew up Catholic and no longer attend a Catholic church? Maybe you have never known many things about the Catholic faith. You may have some questions in mind about what Catholics believe in. In today’s post, we will talk about the important beliefs that will help you understand more … Read more

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