Prayer for Souls in Purgatory

If a loved one passed away or someone lost a dear member of their family, prayers for souls in purgatory are essential. You may have a peace of mind believing that your loved ones have an Eternal Life with God; prayers for their dearly departed’s souls will not hurt. Beware that the souls of people … Read more

What Do Catholics Believe In?

Are you one of those who grew up Catholic and no longer attend a Catholic church? Maybe you have never known many things about the Catholic faith. You may have some questions in mind about what Catholics believe in. In today’s post, we will talk about the important beliefs that will help you understand more … Read more

Prayer for Anxiety

If you are reading this, I am guessing you are struggling with anxiety, and you are looking for strength and hope. We live in a world where we are attacked by situations or events that cause worry and panic. Yes, anxiety occurs at any time. If you leave it unaddressed, it will bring your non-stop … Read more

Prayer to Our Lady of Good Health

For many years, praying for our Lady of Good Health has been a popular custom. She is closely associated with herbs and the healing power they possess. Her powers are said to be so powerful that the very air they breathe can heal those who inhale them. The Prayer to our Lady of Good Health … Read more

The Difference Between Catholic Evangelicals and Roman Catholics

The Catholic evangelical faith is the traditional denomination of the Catholic Church. It differs slightly from the Roman Catholic Church in that it has rejected Latin communion and the authority of the Pope.While the Roman Catholic Church is seen as the officially recognized church in the world, it is accepted only by a fraction of … Read more

Evangelization Organization Resources

Alpha For CatholicsAlpha for Catholics is a practical tool that parishes use to inspire Catholic renewal, answer the call to the New Evangelization and the call of Christ and His Church to “go and make disciples of all nations.” Alpha for Catholics is a practical introduction to creedal Christianity over a 10 week course. Unique … Read more

The Buffalo Hunt Public Artwork and Park

After considerable planning over several years, a Call for Artists was published and distributed in December 2010 for The Buffalo Hunt outdoor public artwork. In February 2011, an independent jury recommended a proposal by Cochrane artists Don and Shirley Begg and, subsequently, the Society signed a commission agreement with the artists. The commission was unveiled … Read more

Setting the Stage for Evangelizing Parents

Every parent encounter is an opportunity for evangelization! If you are planning a parent session at your parish, you may find the following suggestions helpful.   1. Get the message out using every means possible, bulletin, email, social media, etc. Hopefully word will spread and you will have a great turn out! 2. Scheduling is key. Choose a day … Read more

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