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St Barbara prayer


Saint Barbara is the patron saint of Engineers and Miners, If you work in a mine for example or embarking on the creation of a tunnel, you should pray to St Barbara daily for both safety and inspiration (if you are an engineer). Statues of Saint Barbara have been found in all engineering structures all over the world, even the tunnel of London has a statue of Saint Barbara buried there. who is st...

Who is my guardian angel quiz


Trying to discover who your Guardian Angel is? This free quiz will help you discover who your Guardian Angel is, it will just ask you a few simple questions that will help identify the name of the Guardian angel that was assigned to you at birth. Some of us have three Guardian Angels that have been assigned to us, that’s why important for you to to take the Quiz, it is incredibly accurate...

Discovering your guARDIAN ANGEL by Birthdate


When you were born, you were assigned a Guardian Angel at birth (some of us were assigned three!) with this in mind it is clear to see why you should discover the name of the Guardian Angel that were assigned to you at birth. Both the exact date and the time will help you discover the Angels assigned to you at birth, so your birthday is crucial in finding it out. If you have any doubt whatsoever...

who are the three archangels?


The three Archangels for Catholics are Michael (Who is like God?), Raphael (God’s Doctor) and Gabriel (God’s Power)These are the only 3 named Angels in sacred scripture and have incredibly important roles as Guardian Angels in the lives of Catholics. Most people when they think of Archangels are mistaken in thinking that they are just “Fairy Tales” or “Make...

archangel gabriel prayer


Archangel Gabriel is a revealer of destiny, making these prayers to Archangel Gabriel can help reveal your destiny and give you some direction in life, he is the one who revealed to Virgin Mary that she is carrying the son of God and also appeared to Daniel to explain his visions. If you are struggling in life, wondering what your destiny and God’s plan for you is, then pray to Archangel...

4 MIRACULOUS prayers for healing


When a loved one or even yourself is unwell, a lot of us don’t realise the power that healing prayers have, there has been thousands of not millions of real world examples where prayer has healed, now I am not for one minute suggesting turn your back on modern medicine , but use prayer alongside medicine and your results can certainly be expediated. God has the most powerful healing ability...

Prayer Points for Breakthrough


Praying is a simple way of helping yourself, a person, or a situation you are concerned about. Imagine if everyone were to stop praying for just a few minutes a day. What would happen? People would be happier, relationships would become stronger, and the world would be a better place. We use prayer points to help us understand God’s will and show our gratefulness for the blessings He has given us...

Prayer Of Confession


If you go to confession, you will probably say a prayer of confession. You may not realize it, but the prayer you say is the same prayer that was prayed by Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.  It is the prayer we have been praying every time we go to confession for the last 2000 years. What Is A Prayer Of Confession? The prayer of confession is a short prayer that those who have committed...

How To Design A Catholic Prayer Room


The Catholic Church has many beautiful and elaborate buildings, but most of them are not intended for regular use. To be used by the many, the Vatican, for example, has a multitude of chapels for different purposes: some are for private prayer, some are for special events, and others are for public worship. But what about the ordinary Catholic? What are his or her options for a place to pray...

The most powerful Guardian Angel Prayer revealed


There are many ways to contact our heavenly help, and some of those ways mean more to us than others. For some, it’s through prayer; others through the aid of a guardian angel. Does everyone have a guardian angel? All of us are blessed with an angel who is always with us in our lives, as Pope Francis stated “They are our travelling companions” In fact, there is a special name for your...

21st Century Catholic Evangelization brought to you by the Evangelization Committee of the National Conference of Catechetical Leadership