St Jude Miracle Prayer

The history of the church of St Jude is not as well documented as some of the other Roman Catholic saints. He appears in the New Testament, but the details of his life are not known. However, his importance extends far beyond his own life.

Knowing More About St Jude

St. Jude, also known as Jude Thaddaeus, is the patron saint of hopeless causes. Pope Clement I bestowed this title on him in 106 AD, but his name is probably of Coptic origin. The title most likely refers to his role as a witness to the importance of hope and faith. He is often depicted as a blind man leading a band of children because he was said to have had the gift of prophecy, which allowed him to discern the sins of those he visited, which were then reported to the church. His writings are the first of the New Testament Apocrypha, created in the 2nd and 3rd centuries.

St Jude is one of the most familiar of all the saints. He is often depicted as a man with icons of flame around his head. The emblem of the saint appears in a variety of guises, and some think he was the apostle Jude, an officer of the Roman garrison in Judea during the first century of the Christian era.

The St. Jude Prayer is the patron saint of lost causes and desperate tasks–although the latter might be too much of a stretch for some. St. Jude, one of the most famous saints, is the patron saint of hopeless causes. Such a saint is both fascinating and pitiable. We can relate to St. Jude’s anguish: we are hurt, we are exhausted, and we are desperate. We are in bad shape, and we do not see a way out. The appeal is for prayers to St Jude for anything–that is, anything desperate, hopeless, or impossible.

Prayer to St Jude

Many have prayed to St. Jude, but few know what he really represents. St. Jude is the patron saint of lost causes—those who have lost hope and are about to give up. To be honest, he is the saint of lost causes but also of miracles.

With this, here’s the prayer for miracles that you can pray to St Jude:

St Jude, patron saint of lost causes, is the patron saint of hopeless causes, and we pray to you to help us get through this difficult situation in our life. Be our Support, that we may be saved.  Be our Guide, that we may be found. Be our Transport, that we may be reached. Be our Refuge, that we may be delivered. St Jude, hear our prayers especially this one (mention the miracle that you are praying for)

This desire for a miracle, and, in your heart and prayers, the faith that God will answer. St. Jude, the Patron Saint of desperate prayer, helps us with both. He is the Angel of the Highest God, and the Patron Saint of desperate prayer, who works miracles and intercedes for the world’s most desperate cases. Protector, healer, and friend to all who prays to you. St. Jude, please bring special power to those who pray to you, a power that can work a miracle in your life. Amen. Miracles do come true – with your firm belief and St Jude miracle prayer; everything will be possible

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