Powerful Prayer to St. Lucy, Saint Protector of the Eyes

If you currently have eye problems, are looking for healing, or have a surgery coming up, you might want to pray to St. Lucy, patron saint of the eyes. Her intervention can help with healing and protection.

Read below for a powerful prayer to St. Lucy to help with eye-related

Who is St. Lucy?

Born in Syracuse, Sicily, St. Lucy (283-304) was of a noble Greek family. She was brought up as a Christian and made a vow of virginity. Her mother was miraculously cured at the St. Agatha shrine in Catania.

St. Lucy distributed her wealth to the less fortunate. However, her generosity stirred the unworthy youth’s wrath to whom she had been betrothed unwillingly. That aforementioned unworthy youth has denounced her to the Sicily governor Paschasius.

St. Lucy stood immovable when it was decided to violate her virginity. God protected her once again after a fire was built around her. She was also tortured by gouging out her eyes. She finally died in the blade of a sword. She is the patron saint of the blind, whose name can mean “lucid” or “light.” 

You can often see St. Lucy with an emblem of eyes on a plate or cup. In paintings, St. Lucy often holds a palm branch that symbolises victory over evil and is depicted with a golden plate holding her eyes.

Prayer to St. Lucy for the Eyes

Saint Lucy,
whose beautiful name signifies light,
by the light of faith which
God bestowed upon you
increase and preserve His
light ain my soul
so that I may avoid evil and
be zealous in the performance
of good works,
and detest nothing so much as
the blindness and the darkness
of evil and sin.
Obtain for me, by your intercession with God
perfect vision for my bodily eyes
and the grace to use them for God’s
greater honour and glory
and the salvation of souls.
St. Lucy, virgin and martyr
hear my prayers and obtain my petitions.


Powerful Prayer to St. Lucy

O God, our Creator, and Redeemer,
mercifully hear our prayers that as
we venerate Your servant, St. Lucy, for
the light of faith You did bestow upon
her, You would vouchsafe to increase and
to preserve this same light in our souls,
that we may be able to avoid evil, to do
good and to abhor nothing so much as the
blindness and the darkness of evil and of
sin. Relying on Your goodness, O God,
we humbly ask You, by the intercession
of Your servant, St. Lucy that You would
give perfect vision to our eyes, that they
may serve for Your greater honor and
glory, and the salvation of our should in the
world, that we may come to the enjoyment
of the unfailing light of the Lamb of God
in paradise. St. Lucy, virgin and martyr,
hear our prayers and obtain our petitions.

December 13th is the feast day of St. Lucy. She gives strength and hopes to those who are blind and visually impaired. You can use the prayer above if you are going through eye surgery or know someone who has eye problems.

If you are looking for health, you might consider our prayers for healing and changing of difficult circumstances.

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