Prayers to Archangel Chamuel, the Angel of Love (Updated 2022)

Archangel Chamuel is known as the angel of love and healing, and he can help you not only create new relationships, but strengthen the ones you already have. Pray to him for peaceful relationships, or to reconciliate with someone.

Next time you’re having a bad day and feel like you’re on the brink of a breakdown, try to remember that no matter how bad things seem, they could always be worse. That’s the way we tend to see things, but we forget that we’re not our worst enemy. If we focused on improving things, we’d realize that there’s always a way out of a bad situation and that we have someone to turn to for help. That’s what archangel Chamuel is here for.

Who is Archangel Chamuel?

Archangel Chamuel is known throughout the world, and in many countries, he is considered an important angel of God. He is the angel of repentance and one of the most popular angels in the work of recitation. His name means “the Lord is my strong arm” in Hebrew, and he is likewise known as “the angel of justice”. According to Jewish tradition, Chamuel was originally an Israelite born in Jerusalem in the second century BCE.

He is also identified as the angel who guides those on their way to a better life. Many people turn to him for help with their problems, and he is a very powerful angel who helps those who put their trust in him. He is a guardian angel, a guardian angel of the poor, a protector angel. He also guides those who have been sent by God to help those sent from God. He is the angel of the right side of the road, of the rite of passage. Chamuel can guide the way and help those who are lost.

Due to these characteristics, Chamuel is also often considered the angel of love. He helps us have strong and peaceful relationships. It is also through his intervention that many people have gotten reconciliation with their loved ones.

Lastly, Chamuel can also help with finding lost items. After all, his help with finding the way applies not only to people and their relationships.

We have listed many prayers below for relationships, reconciliation, and finding lost things. However, it is worth keeping in mind that while Archangel Chamuel is extremely powerful, he is not the only one that can help with relationships. We can also pray to patron saints for their intervention. A few of our favourite prayers are:

Lastly, we also have short but powerful prayers for your boyfriend.

What Should We Pray to Archangel Chamuel?

If you’re looking for guidance or just someone to talk to, you might consider praying to archangel Chamuel. Chamuel is the angel of the air, the air you breathe, and one of the most important angels in Judaism. He is also the angel of wisdom, truth, understanding, justice, and, of course, prayer.

Powerful Archangel Chamuel Prayer for Reconciliation

Here is a powerful prayer to reconciliate with a former partner. Keep the person in mind as you’re reciting this prayer:

O powerful Archangel Chamuel,

I am reaching out to you for help in reconciling with my lost lover.

I am heartsick over our separation and long to be reunited.

Please help me to open my heart and mind to the possibility of reconciling and reuniting with (their name).

Help me to let go of any anger, resentment or bitterness that I may be holding onto.

Help also (their name) let go of resentment.

Help us both to remember the good times we shared and the love that we shared.

I am willing to forgive, to forget and to move forward.

I pray that (their name) is also ready to do the same.

Archangel Chamuel, you are known as the angel of love because you can show us the right way.

Please show us the way back to one another.

I thank you for your intercession.


Although most people think about relationships when talking about reconciliation, this following prayer can be used in all situations. The important part is the connections you’ve once shared:

Dear Archangel Chamuel,

I am seeking to reconcile with (person’s name), and I would appreciate your help in achieving this goal.

I know that sometimes people drift apart and that it is not always possible to remain close forever.

However, I still care deeply for this person and I would like to try to repair our relationship.

I am willing to put in the work to make things right between us.

I am willing to listen to them, to hear their side of things, and to apologize for anything that I may have done wrong.

I know that it will take time and patience to repair our relationship, but I am committed to doing whatever it takes.

I ask for your help in this process, Archangel Chamuel.

I know that you are the angel of love and forgiveness, and I ask for your assistance in mending our relationship.


Here’s a short prayer for Archangel Chamuel:

Archangel Chamuel, I ask you to take care of my temple and light its candle.  Help me to remember and honor our relationship and the hopes and dreams that I have for it.  Help me to trust and rely on your wisdom and counsel.  Help me to see the best in myself and others.  Help me to live as a beacon of light.  Help me to be a loving and giving person.  Help me to listen to and to heal myself.  Help me to honor and respect myself and others.  Help me to be a dedicated and selfless servant of God and the Universe.


You may have heard of Archangel Chamuel, the angel of healing, who was sent to earth at the time of the destruction of the two Temples. His mission was to heal the earth with his divine touch. He is the angel of repentance because of his mission to encourage people to repent of their sins. If Chamuel appears before someone in need of repentance, he will grant them repentance.

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  1. Who is angel chamuel in 7th saint and archangel? he is Michael,Gabriel,Rafael,sealtiel,Uriel,judiel,or barachiel? Thanks for help if you answer me.


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