Saint Barbara Prayer for Love and Protection

Saint Barbara was a Christian martyr who can intercede in our behalf when we need protection. She is one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers, a title given to those who offer particularly effective intercessions to their devotees. Because of this, she should be one of the first saints on your mind when facing a dangerous … Read more

Saint Roch Prayer for Dogs and Healing

Saint Roch is a catholic saint with incredible power in defeating plagues: he is the patron saint of dogs and those suffering from ill health or ailments. These prayer to St. Roch will be sure to offer protection against plagues and ill health, and protect your dog so your dog may protect you. Upon his … Read more

Powerful Prayer to Mother Mary for a Miracle

If we are looking for a true miracle, the most powerful force we can get to intercede for us is Mother Mary. While praying to the saints can get their intercession for us in matters such as financial help or for a healthy pregnancy, sometimes we need a miracle that only the Holy Mary can … Read more

What Are The 14 Stations of the Cross in Order? Catholic History and Meaning

The Stations represent critical events from Scripture or tradition of Jesus’ journey to Calvary.  Celebrated originally only outdoors, the Stations were allowed inside churches in the mid-18th century.  Eventually fixed at fourteen, the Stations soon became a familiar feature in Catholic; Lutheran, and Anglican churches. The object of the Stations is to help the faithful to … Read more

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