The 4 Sentence Miracle Prayer of Daniel: What Is It, and When to Say It?

TRNAVA, SLOVAKIA - OCTOBER 14, 2014: The neo-gothic fresco of prophet Daniel by Leopold Bruckner (1905 - 1906) in Saint Nicholas church.

The Prayer of Daniel has been passed down for thousands of years in the deserts of the Middle East to today’s modern believers. The Prayer of Daniel is a prayer that was passed down from Daniel, who lived in the 4th century B.C., to his friend Hananiah, who also became a prophet.

Daniel’s prayer has been translated into over 400 languages and is mentioned in every major modern-day Bible. This preservation in the Bible means that people know with confidence what it says.

The prayer was written in response to a dream that King Nebuchadnezzar had. The dream prophesied the existence of 4 kingdoms. The first 3 would be destroyed, while the last one would exist under God’s protection.

This message was relayed to Daniel by the “Ancient of Days” (God). This prophecy would later prove true with the fall of Babylon.

Who is Daniel?

How many of you know the story of Daniel and his friends going to the lions’ den?

We had to learn this way when we were little kids, but the story was told for us to learn the principle of prayer. The story of Daniel and his friends going to the lions’ den is a very sacred story that tells us the story of prayer. We can learn the meaning of prayer from this story.

The story of Daniel and his friends going to the lions’ den is about prayer.
Daniel and his friends went to the lions’ den because they want to pray.
They went to the lions’ den to pray to God and ask God to save them from the lions.
They prayed to God to save them from the lions.

Daniel in the Lions' Den Bible Story and Lessons
Daniel in the Lions den (taken from here)

In the Bible, Daniel suffered in his life due to not receiving attention for his words and deeds. He was ignored when he was just a child, he was ignored when he was a young man, and he was ignored when he was older. But he persisted. He prayed, even though he was ignored.

He prayed for a long time. And then he got his answer.

Have you ever wondered what Daniel prayed for? How was he called to be a prophet? How did he know God would raise him up? How did he understand God’s plan for him?

The prayer Daniel prayed that day is a window into the mind of a man who God had just told he was going to be a prophet. It’s also a beautiful prayer that gives you insight into the mind of the believer that is praying it, Daniel is one of the most important Saints we can pray to.

Also, Daniel, a brave and powerful prophet of God, had a dream one night before he died. He dreamed that a man would come to destroy the Babylonian Empire and that one day all of its people would be in need of God’s mercy (Daniel 2:1-4). Daniel prayed for the people to repent so that God’s judgment would not come upon them.

The 4 Sentence Prayer of Daniel

The Prayer of Daniel is a prayer that has been around for many centuries. It is said that Daniel, a Jew, would praise God by saying,

Praise God, who is God.
Praise God, the living God.
Praise God, ruler of the Kingdom of Heaven.
God, who made the Nations, Praise God, King of Kings. 

This is the 4-sentence prayer of Daniel.

It’s been said that prayer is a conversation between the Creator and the creature.  God speaks, and we listen. 
He speaks, and we respond. 
He speaks, and we obey. 
He speaks, and we rejoice. 
He speaks, and we are changed. 
He speaks, and we are healed. 
He speaks, and we are made whole. 
He speaks, and we are blessed. 
He speaks, and we are set free.
He speaks, and we are merciful. 
He speaks, and we are patient. 
He speaks, and we are compassionate. 
He speaks, and we are obedient. 

Why Do You Say the Prayer of Daniel?

The Prophecy of Daniel is one of the most well-known prophecies in Jewish history, and it has captured the attention of many people over the centuries. After all, God’s people experienced the most intense persecution in history. Yet, at the same time, they were able to survive and thrive at the time by finding inspiration in their history. This is also one of the reasons why the Prayer of Daniel is loved by many.

Have you ever wondered why Catholics pray the Prayer of Daniel?
Why does Daniel pray about his enemies?

We believe we know the answer to this question. Why do you say the prayer of Daniel?

The prayer is traditionally used in times of distress, such as when a family member or friend is sick or in grief.

It is also used by military chaplains and others engaged in humanitarian work.

Furthermore, the Prayer of Daniel is a prayer that people of all faiths read before meals, before going to sleep, before engaging in any kind of activity, or before eating. It is also sometimes read before going to bed and before rising or before entering any place of worship. The Prayer of Daniel is part of the Book of Daniel. It is a part of the Bible that is understood to have been written by the prophet who also wrote the Book of Daniel.

The Prayer of Daniel is one of the oldest known prayers. Another very powerful prayer from over 1500 is the Nicene Creed Prayer.

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