Archangel Raziel Prayer for Money: Making Miracles Happen in 2022

We all know who the archangels are. They’re the angels of God that watch over us throughout life, and they’re here to help us. Yes, they’re the same angels that look after us throughout life, but that’s not all they do. Some of them are here to help us, especially with our financial matters.

Many of us have a wealth of problems in life, and for some of us, these problems can be so severe that we have trouble finding solutions. If you have a problem with debt, you know how difficult it can be to free yourself from it. You may even have tried to do so before, but you did not succeed. When you are in this kind of situation, it may be necessary for you to seek the help of another, more powerful entity. That entity is Archangel Raziel.

Who is Archangel Raziel?

Archangel Raziel is the angel of divine inspiration and the archangel of money and financial abundance. He is the angel who gave the Hebrew prophet Daniel the vision that led to the writing of the Book of Daniel. He is also the author of the the book which was given to Noah by the Archangel Raphael, instructing him on how to build the Ark.

Raziel is also the angel who inspired the Ten Commandments, serving as an angel of the Lord (the Hebrew word for “angel” in the Ten Commandments is “malach,” which has a similar meaning to the Hebrew word for “angel,” “malach,” but is a more general term referring to a being that serves God or his creatures).

As the angel of the evening, Archangel Raziel is the divine angel recognized as the angel of prayer. Prayer is his primary role in the heavenly host. This angel’s symbol is the holy chalice, signifying his connection to the Holy Spirit, also known as the Spirit of Truth, who is the Spirit of Life.

Archangels can perform miracles and intercede on our behalf. You can find all our prayers to Raphael, Gabriel, and other archangels by following this link to all our prayers.

Prayer for Archangel Raziel for Financial Help

Archangel Raziel has the power to bring peace, prosperity, and abundance into our lives. When you ask Archangel Raziel for assistance, he answers quickly. Ask him for answers to your prayers, and he answers you quickly. If you’re not getting answers to your prayers, ask Archangel Raziel to help you with manifesting wealth to improve your financial situation. For more prayers to attract financial blessings, check out also our Miracles Prayers for Money Breakthrough.

Here’s a simple Archangel Raziel Prayer for Money:

Dear God,

I pray to you and your beloved Archangel Raziel that you will please bless my family and me with good and proper finances. Please bless my family and me with good and proper finances on a regular basis. Please do not let me and my family go hungry and on the verge of poverty.  Teach me how I will be able to manifest wealth to improve my financial situation. Help me and my family to gain better spiritual insight. Keep us safe and healthy as we walk our life’s path.


When it comes to praying to the Archangel Raziel to increase financial blessings, we believe it is important to remember that we must also pray to the Archangel Raziel for physical and mental health. We must pray to Archangel Raziel for protection and safety and pray to Archangel Raziel for spiritual growth and development. We also believe that we must pray to Archangel Raziel for all kinds of gifts from God, including those that will help us succeed financially.

9 thoughts on “Archangel Raziel Prayer for Money: Making Miracles Happen in 2022”

  1. I pray for safety; help and the end to my financial worries. I feel so lost. No money, looking night and day for a job. I need help. Amen

  2. Please help me with my finances n secure job for my husband benjamin D. Today I need you now then ever. Amen

  3. I pray to archangel Raziel that my family and I can find the security we so need in this world. So we may prosper, thrive and be better equipped to help others.

    • Plz help me to succed in life right now i have no job mz family and i are going through hard pain in financial problems we dnt know what to do we are so poor my my parent my brother and my sisters are in pain every day and night plz we need help plz help us to succed in life no job no money but am also a hardworking person but i dnt know why i have been strugglin in life i wish to be rich so that i can take care of my family oh lord plz help me amen Godwin

  4. praying for financial abundance, debt free, more money than bills, my vehicle paid off, food on my table to feed my family and loved one’s, money to pay for what i need for my home and my family and for vacation and fun, thank you amen

  5. Please Archangel Raziel hear my Please for your protection and wisdom. Enlightening me with the knowledge and power to make the best choices in all matters financially and personally. Enabling me to provide for my family and enjoy the security of your blessings.

  6. Dear Angel Raziel
    Please guide me to have my own money, my own house ,my own car, my own busyness . Please bless me with financial wealth, healthy luxurious lifestyle.

    Thank you

  7. Archangel Raziel please bless my family with a safe and peaceful home. Make us magnets for abundance so we may bless others. Thank you for your help and intercession. Thank you Saint Michael and Saint Christopher for your daily intercession. We are forever grateful. Saint Anthony…please help us to find a buyer for our home. Thank you and all of the guardian angels who watch over us daily. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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