Who Is My Guardian Angel By My Birthday?

Did you know that when you were born, you were assigned a Guardian Angel at birth?

Some of us were even assigned three!

With this in mind it is clear to see why you should discover the name of the Guardian Angel that were assigned to you at birth.

The exact date and time will help you discover the Angels assigned to you at birth, so your birthday is crucial in finding it out.

If you have any doubt whatsoever about being assigned a Guardian Angel take a look at what the Book of Exodus said regarding the people of Israel:

“Sending an angel before you, to guard you on the way and bring you to the place I have prepared.”

Book of Exodus

Pope Francis has also declared that Guardian Angels Are Our “Travelling Companions”

So make no mistake about it: the fact that a Guardian Angel is alongside you should encourage you to discover their name and which Guardian Angel has been assigned to you from birth. Using your birthdate is one of the easiest ways to discover your Guardian Angel.

A lot of people do think they must perform some complex mathematical equation involving their birth date to find out the answer, but it is much easier just to take this Guardian Angel Quiz to discover which Archangel was assigned to you at birth, and to see if you were lucky to have all three archangels looking over you.

You can also directly go to the quiz page by clicking the image below:

Enter Your Date Of Birth To See Your Angel’s Name

Is your birthday coming up? If you’re looking for a prayer for your birthday, or for a loved one, we have an article for prayers for birthdays.

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