Short Prayers to Jesus for Help (2023)

In the tapestry of life’s trials and triumphs, there are moments when we all need a helping hand, a source of strength beyond ourselves. In these times of need, when words alone may not suffice, the prayer to Jesus for help becomes a lifeline, a connection to the divine that transcends earthly struggles. This article … Read more

Prayers for Rain: Nurturing Hope from Above

Rain, a life-giving blessing from above, has been a symbol of abundance, growth, and renewal throughout human history. In times of drought and aridity, communities have turned to prayer as a means of beseeching divine intervention, seeking relief from the parched earth. For Catholics, prayer is not just a spiritual practice; it’s a way to … Read more

St. Albert’s Namesake

Father Lacombe’s Patron Saint “Father, this place is charming; I choose it for the founding of a new mission which you will call Saint Albert, in honour of your patron saint.” Bishop Alexandre Taché 1 Catholic Online lists no less than ten saints named Albert.  Who, then, was the patron saint to whom Bishop Taché referred? St. Albert the … Read more

September Initiative: Outreach and Invitation to Parish Faith Formation – Tom Quinlan, Diocese of Joliet

This article was originally published on our blog on 08/28/2014. I think our challenge in parish and diocesan leadership today is two-fold. First, we need to hold onto or reclaim hope. And second, we need to find concrete and effective ways to rise above a passive “managing decline” mode of operating. This September in my diocese … Read more

Theology on Capp – Eduardo Siguenza, Marian High School, Mishawaka, IN

Eduardo Siguenza was still a student from Marian High School when he published this essay in our blog in 2014. We always welcome contributions from young readers who are starting on the path of evangelization. Our “Theology on Capp” for Teens is a new program inspired by the “Theology on Tap” sessions that Catholic dioceses have held … Read more

Empowering Prayers for Fear and Anxiety

Life is a journey filled with ups and downs, joys and challenges. Amidst the beauty and chaos, feelings of fear and anxiety can often creep into our hearts, leaving us overwhelmed and unsure. For Catholics, the power of prayer serves as a beacon of hope, a way to connect with the divine and find solace … Read more

Incarnational Evangelization: Finding & Embodying Hope – Joyce Donahue, Diocese of Joliet

Joyce Donahue was a prominent writer of evangelization literature. This text was originally published on our blog in December, 2015. A recent poll shows that, among religious groups, 60 percent of American Catholics think America’s best days are yet to come – in sharp contrast to 40 percent of Protestants and 49% of all Americans. … Read more

How to Pray the 1000 Thank You Jesus Rosary?

It is well known that praying the thank you Jesus rosary is a great choice to help fight against difficulties we might have in life. While we might be feeling overwhelmed due to many different things, from personal to financial burdens, we should still find the time to feel gratitude. After all, we all have … Read more

Embracing the Power of Prayer for Healing

The Catholic faith teaches us the profound value of prayer for healing of challenging and afflicting times. When we are going through tribulations, we look to prayer for comfort, solace, and divine intervention. In this article, we’ll discuss the value of searching for healing, how this is relevant to Catholics, and offer two sincere prayers … Read more

Powerful Prayer for Gratitude: The Importance of Giving Thanks to God

Gratitude is the secret ingredient of a powerful prayer life. Giving thanks and showing our appreciation can transform our faith. It enriches our relationship with God and with our community. But why is this act of thanksgiving so important for catholics? In the article below we will explain how gratitude is not merely a polite … Read more

The St. Rita Miracle Prayer for Impossible Cases

Saint Rita was faced with an impossible situation, and through her faith she persevered. Today we pray for her intercession so we might do the same. Sometimes in life we are faced with situations that seem impossible to solve. Yet even then we know that through our faith we will persevere. St. Rita’s intercession can … Read more

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