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Who is the Supreme Archangel?

The angels are the closest beings to God in the angelic hierarchy. They are all-powerful, revered, and can control nature but are not equal. There are four angels that are the most supreme in the entire angelic realm. These are the “Archangels” – the chief angels.

If you think about it, all four of these archangels hold very different positions in the Celestial Interiors. Gabriel sets the agenda. Michael is the leader. Uriel is the ultimate general. Raphael is the peacemaker. Among them, who do you think is the supreme Archangel?

Archangel Michael – The Supreme Archangel 

The term “Archangel” is used to describe many different beings in many different religions. These beings are usually the highest of the high in the spiritual hierarchy and are responsible for protecting humans spiritually, and sometimes even physically. One of the most powerful members of the archangelic order is Michael, the leader of the four archangels, and it is believed he is the supreme Archangel of the universe.

We all know angels are the messengers of God’s will. They are the ones God sends to speak to us, to bring us news, or to point out our misdeeds. Michael is the Archangel of mercy. His name is the same in Hebrew as it is in Latin, meaning ‘who is like God.’

According to the biblical book of Jude, Jude 1:9, Michael was one of the senior angels who was appointed by God to be in charge of judging the world. The other angels have their functions, but Michael holds the position of Prince of Light.

The Christian Bible claims that there were seven archangels who helped God create the world. One of these is Michael. He is the only one mentioned in the Old Testament, and according to most Christians, he is the leader of the army of angels, but there are some Christians that believe that Michael is the leader of the angels in Heaven. The Muslim religion also calls Michael the Archangel, and some Islamic scholars believe that he was the first angel to appear to Muhammad, the founder of Islam.

GOD: The Supreme Being

As we are talking about the supreme Archangel, it was said that it was Archangel Michael since he was the leader of the battalion of Angels. Reading from the previous paragraphs, there is no question about it. However, there are other sources that say otherwise.

God is the one who created everything, including you, so I would think He would be the only person you should worship. The bible tells us that He created everything, so doesn’t that make Him the supreme Archangel?

Indeed. The Supreme Being, commonly referred to as God, is the most powerful being in the universe, who created the universe and everything in it. God is omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent. He is also the creator of all other beings in the universe, including us.


Who is the Supreme Archangel?

The question of who is the supreme Archangel is a theological question that has been asked not only by people in the Christian church but also by Muslims, Jews, and others. Each religion has its own explanation of the supreme Archangel. While other sources say it is God Almighty or Archangel Michael, the important thing here is our faith to Him. It is our faith that matters most.

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