What Do You Pray to Archangel Michael For?

We all have our own personal approach, but most of us have a set of beliefs that we feel comfortable praying to God. From common requests like “give me a sign” or “tell me it’s going to be okay” to more intimate prayers like “I want to lose this weight” or “I want to find a new job,” we rely on our faith to help guide us through life.

If you are to pray to Archangel Michael, what do you pray to Archangel Michael for?

Archangel Michael Has An Interesting History

Archangel Michael is the more powerful yet less-known archangel associated with strength and protection. He is the angel of protection and strength. He is the warrior of God and the protector of those who call out for his help. He is the archangel who is the first to appear and the last to disappear.  

Michael is the protector angel of Israel, protecting it against its enemies, like Assyria and other nations. He is also the champion of the righteous, the defender of the weak, and the champion of the righteous.

Archangel Michael is the Archangel who protected the Jews from the great flood. It is believed that this is one of the reasons why the Jews still pray to him even today. Apparently, he is also the protector of the Catholics and the Orthodox Christians.

Praying to Archangel Michael: What Should I pray for?

Christians all around the world pray to Archangel Michael for protection every night after looking outside and seeing the moon. But we really don’t know why. There are so many things that can harm us. Even though we know that God is great, we still want to ask Archangel Michael for protection.

The Archangel Michael is the angel of protection and responsible for protecting all of us from harm. He is also responsible for helping us with all that we do, as he is the one that helped Moses escape from Pharaoh. Archangels are the highest-ranking angels that serve as the protectors of humanity. As the angel of protection, so, it is just fit that we pray to Archangel Michael to protect us from harm.

Well, there are two ways to ask archangels for protection. The most direct way is to ask them to watch over you or your family. When you do this, you will ask them to be present with you and ask them to protect you and your family throughout the entire course of your life.

The Importance Of Prayer

When we pray, we often ask to be protected from evil and sickness and to be guided on the right path to the things we want. In this sense, prayer can be thought of as a form of communication, a dialogue between people and God. There’s a lot of reasons to pray, whether it be for those around you or those you do not know.

Some prayers help heal you from the inside out, and some bring you closer to God. Some offer strength and others bring you closer to those you love.

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  1. I Shirley,thank God for loving us,giving us his only son Jesus, thank you Jesus. pray, a prayer for the whole world 🌎, I pray for patience help financially, success in business that I will be opening. Keep me in good health. I thank you all for your work.


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