Prayer to Saint Pantaleon for Winning the Lottery

Many of us have financial issues. Winning the lottery would be a great boon for many who deserve it. Many of us will be praying for a lottery win. Many also wonder if it’s wrong to do so. It is important to keep some things in mind before praying for a lotto win. We might also want to pay to the patron saint of lottery wins to intercede in our favor.

Is it wrong for a Catholic to pray for a lottery win?

No, it is not wrong for a Catholic to pray for a lottery win.

The Church does not teach that gambling is inherently evil. While some forms of gambling can lead to addiction and other problems, gambling itself is not a sin. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with praying for a lottery win.

Of course, if someone is addicted to gambling, then it would be wrong for them to continue gambling. Addiction can lead to debt, ruin, and other problems. But if someone is not addicted to gambling, then there is nothing wrong with playing the lottery or praying for a win.

The Church does teach that we should be good stewards of our money and resources. Therefore, if someone does win the lottery, they should use the money wisely and not waste it on frivolous things. They should also remember that the money is a blessing from God and not something they are entitled to.

In summary, there is nothing wrong with praying for a lottery win. However, if someone does win, they should use the money wisely and not squander it.

Who is the patron saint of lottery winners?

Saint Pantaleon is the patron saint of lottery winners.

Who is Saint Pantaleon?

Saint Pantaleon is a Catholic saint who lived in the 3rd century.

He is known as a Great Martyr and Wonderworker. His feast day is celebrated on July 27th.

Pantaleon was born in Nicomedia in the early 3rd century. His parents were wealthy and belonged to the imperial court. Pantaleon was educated in rhetoric and philosophy. He also studied medicine and became a physician.

Pantaleon was a good and kind man. He used his wealth to help the poor and sick. During the persecution of Christians by Emperor Maximilian, Pantaleon was arrested and brought before the emperor. He was tortured and then executed. After his death, miracles were reported at his tomb.

He is often invoked for healing. Saint Pantaleon is one of the 14 Holy Helpers. This group of saints is especially venerated in the Catholic Church. They are invoked for help in times of need.

Saint Pantaleon is the patron saint of lottery winners, physicians, apothecaries, midwives.

Prayer to Saint Pantaleon, Patron of lottery winners:

Most merciful God, Father of Our Lord, who gave Saint Pantaleon the gift of interceding for us:

We come to you today with a special request. We humbly ask that you grant us the favor of winning the lottery.

We know that money can be a source of great good or great evil, but we promise to use our winnings for the betterment of ourselves, our families, and our community.

We will tithe a portion of our earnings to our church, and we will donate to charities that help those in need. We also promise to be good stewards of our money, and to not let it control us or consume us.

We know that winning the lottery is a great responsibility, and we promise to handle it with grace, humility, and wisdom.

St. Pantaleon, we know that you are the patron saint of lottery winners, and we ask for your intercession on our behalf.

Please help us to win the lottery, and to use our winnings for good.


What if I don’t win the lottery?

We might get frustrated if we don’t win. We might be facing financial hardships, and see no way out without this money. Some might even question why their prayers weren’t answered. Do not fall into this trap. Maybe the time wasn’t right for this intervention. Maybe resolution will come from elsewhere. Believe in continuation and salvation. For more prayers aimed at attracting financial blessing, explore also our Miraculous Prayers for Money Breakthrough.

What if I win the lottery?

If you win the lottery, it is a clear sign that God has plans for your newfound wealth. You were chosen as the vessel through which this money can serve God’s plan. Don’t think of it as a reward. We are not in this world to be rewarded, but to see to His plan. It can be easy to fall into temptation once you feel everything you can buy is within your reach. However, remember that you should be a good steward with your money.

How to Pick Winning Lottery Numbers

To pick a winning lottery number, you can try out a lottery number generator online to get your numbers instead of picking your own if you don’t want to carry the burden of picking the numbers.

25 thoughts on “Prayer to Saint Pantaleon for Winning the Lottery”

  1. I never knew lottery spells existed until I was referred to Dr Lucas by my neighbor. I have been playing lottery games for the past 7 years and I have never won above $2,000 but after I came in contact with Dr Lucas, I told him my past experience about playing lottery of which I have never won big amount and Dr Lucas told me what will be done by praying and preparing a lottery spell for me. He did that and gave me some numbers to play the lottery game. At first I took everything as a joke until I was emailed a week after that I had won the sum of $343.9 million. I was shocked and surprised at that very moment because my long awaited prayers had finally been answered and I thank Dr Lucas for helping me out for my financial status to change and that of my generations. If you want to win a huge amount on your next lottery game, contact Dr Lucas now and I assure you that your bold step will be your change of level.

    • Hi Ms Jane Mira,

      May I know the full name of Dr. Lucas,please? From what country is he? Does he charge any fee in our initial request for his help?

      Thanks ahead.

    • I pray that my me and my family win the super lottery tonight we have went through hell and I will really like to win I just hope the wishes come true I will like to give them à better life

  2. I am praying day and night to saint pantaleon to share lucky numbers so i can help family and friends financially.
    My prayers are still unaswered.
    Praise the lord

  3. I live in an rv on a friends property. It’s her rv. My friend wants to sell her property. I need to win the lottery to buy a house. Can’t afford a mortgage on social security. A prayer to win the lottery would be greatly appreciated.

  4. I am great need of money, at the age of 72, still working as a nurse, I am tired. BUT I have so much bills. I JUST WANT TO BE ABLE TO RETIRE, HELP not only myself, my love ones, and anyone who needs my help. I work so hard , i been wanting to have my teeth fix, but i cannot afford it. As a nurse i have cared so so many, to see a smile in their face made my day. i need a prayer to win the lottery.

  5. St pantaleon please pray and interced for me Christopher downey to win the lottery either February 3rd or 4th 2023 please intercede for me to win PowerBar or mega millions Amen

  6. Hi, i never know that there is a saint that helps unfortunate people like me to win the lottery. I have been praying for a miracle for quite sometime now and has NEVER got any luck. Can this prayer help me or any other powerful prayer that can help me win the lottery.

  7. I need big amount of money to pay up my big debts from the bank & some personal loan too. Please help me to win lottery so that I can live in peace with my family & tithe for the benefit of my community. Amen

  8. Is there ANY way to reach this Dr Lucas other than Facebook. NOT on it. Paranoid about that area. Is there ANY OTHER WAY. Please let me know if there is. Have urgent need for financial relief.

  9. St. Pantaleon I am on financial burden, I pray to you to let me win the lottery. In return of prayers granted I promise to use it for the good of my family and to share it to the church and to others whom it needed most. This I pray thru the powerful intercession of St. Pantaleon.Amen.

  10. Since 11 I have taken care of my parents and anyone else needing help, giving up much and sacrificing much in my life that other kids got to do. Honor thy father and mother. and I took care of them through their terminal illnesses with no help (an older brother did nothing). After my parents deaths I was diagnosed with 2 rare terminal leukemias (doing well) and again went through all that alone. Still do. All my life my daily prayers were to have a good paying job to buy a house, get married and have biological and adopted children (from US and other countries). None of that happened. Still alone trying to get on with my life after much sickness and doing for others in need. Now the house I rent a room from is being sold and I am trying not to become homeless again. I am still trying to get a good paying job to afford a house and make that life of wife and children… I am so desperate I’d even welcome winning the lottery. I am that desperate. I know others have more important things and that is why my prayers have not been heard. I need help too and am desperate for them to be heard and for me to have help. I know that sounds selfish but I am that desperate. I never prayed to be given my health with the leukemias…accepting God’s plan… however when I have been praying daily for help for the same things for decades it is time I asked someone to pray and help me because my prayers are not working when I am desperate for help…I am that desperate to have a good life that i was put here for… yet I need money for that stability and security to keep from being homeless a third time and make a life to live… I am that desperate to come to you… you being busy with other people in need. Thank you God bless you..

    • David M, I am really touched by the story of your life , I myself was looking about prayers to win the lottery but when I read your story , I really feel sad for all your struggles in your life and alone. I was myself looking how to pray to win a lottery but You have more important things than mine, You deserve to win it than me . May God bless you with His peace and His Favor written in Psalm 5:12 . May He fullfill your heart’s desires for the Glory of His Name . Do not despair , Stay focused in His words , He is Powerful and faithful to act upon your situation .He will do it for you and for his Name’s sake, in accordance with his revealed character and to uphold the honor of his revelation, which has been staked upon you ! .Nothing is too hard for GOD according to His WORD in Jeremy 32:27 , Stay blessed .

    • Dear merciful God, Almighty Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who gave the gift to Saint Pantaleon to able to intercede for people wishing to win lottery.

      Dear Saint PANTALEON,

      I come before You today and asking humbly for Your help to ease my financial burdens as well as all people here were also able to win lottery for their financial solution.

      I wish I could win a special lottery prize to have amount of money to help my family, to pay my loans and to tithe and donate to my local church and local charities.

      I will give thanks to You, Saint PANTALEON forever and ever for your intercession on our behalf to win lottery.

      In Jesus’s name, Amen!

  11. Dear Miracle St.Pantaleon, thanking you for answering my prayer for lottery for Chrisel. We still hope to get good amount in future


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