Jesus, Mary and Joseph Prayer

The Jesus Mary and Joseph prayer is an ancient and powerful prayer for obtaining salvation. It is powerful because the names of Jesus and Mary are used, and because they are powered by love. Many souls are sent to hell because no one prays for them. However, the prayer below can save you from eternal damnation. You can pray it at any time of the day or night, because it has the power of love.

The young daughter of the Blessed Mother, Elizabeth Ann Seton, liked to write the holy initials of Jesus Mary and Joseph on a piece of paper. Initially, Joseph considered divorce and travelled to Egypt to search for his child. Later, he sought him in the temple. The young Jesus’ mother, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, a widow, was a religious and a mother to many other children. The prayer to the Holy Family is a powerful Catholic virtue, and she lived by it in her own life.

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