Why Do Archangels Names End In “El”?

The Archangels are the highest-ranking angels in the Christian belief system. They are the ones that are the closest to God (though that is not how they would describe themselves since their job is to act as mediators between God and humanity) and are the guardians of the heavenly realms.

The archangels are the ones who do God’s will. They are powerful forces of good that help people by using their powers to help people get where they think they want to go. They are also identified by their names. The archangels are Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, and Uriel.

Going through the names of the archangels, you might not notice it, but all of them have “el” in their names. It might be a coincidence, or it is just the way God has named them, but some theories suggest otherwise. Have you ever wondered why Archangels’ names end in “el”?

The Theories About “El” In The Name

Archangel names are a very interesting phenomenon. They show up in various religions and cultures, from Christianity to Islam to Judaism to Native American mythology. As the name itself suggests, archangels are angels, and there are a number of different types of angels. However, of all the other types of angels that we know, archangels have names that end in “el.” There are a few theories as to why this is the case.  

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One of the most widely accepted theories is that the names of archangels were given to them by God to inspire the people of the world. Another theory is that archangels were originally called “angels” and later referred to as “archangels.” The “el” suffix comes from the Hebrew word for “God” or “God’s messengers.”

One suggests that archangels are unique in that they are not a type of angel but a type of angel. Another suggests that the lack of a “y” in the archangel’s name makes it so that you can pronounce it with one syllable without having difficulty pronouncing the name.

The answer may seem obvious, but it’s worth stating — angels’ names end in “el.” One of the world’s oldest religious texts, the Hebrew Bible, taught that angels are conduits between God and humanity. They carry God’s message along with Earth and His grace, mercy, and blessings to humankind.  

What Is The Meaning Of “El “In The Bible?

The name ‘el-‘ is the Hebrew word for ‘God’ and is used primarily to name the supreme god in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, including the biblical ‘God’ (Hebrew: Elohim). The name of God in the Hebrew Bible was YHWH (“Yahweh”). There are other uses of the word ‘el’ in the Bible, but they are not primarily the same as the supreme God.

The “el” is the Hebrew word for God’s name, used in all the ten plagues brought upon Egypt by Moses. This, in turn, means an “archangel” is the highest rank of angels, next to God Himself. The name of an archangel is actually a title, just like “Saint” or “Bishop” are titles. In the Old Testament, it is also used to refer to human kings. The word is also used in modern Hebrew to mean “God.”

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