CategoryPrayers to the saints

For Catholics, Prayers to the Saints are incredibly important as we can draw huge power and strength from connecting to our Saints.
The Saints are ready to act as mediators and pass your Prayers direct to God.
This collection of Prayers to the Catholic Saints will provide you with easy to remember but powerful prayers you can use at anytime to connect with the Saints.

St. Philomena Prayer


The Roman Catholic church has so many great saints. Have you ever heard about the saint named Philomena? You could say that St. Philomena’s life is a bit of a mystery. The early Christian Church seems to have known a little about who she was, but not a lot. Her story has been variously attributed to various saints and figures who lived in different eras and locales. Some accounts say that she was...

saint roch prayer


St Roch is a catholic saint with incredible power in defeating plagues, he is the patron saint of dogs and those suffering from ill health or ailments. These prayer to St Roch will be sure to offer protection against plagues and ill health, and protect your dog so your dog may protect you. Upon his pilgrimage to Europe St Roch was saddened by how many were being struck down by the black plague...

St Barbara prayer


Saint Barbara is the patron saint of Engineers and Miners, If you work in a mine for example or embarking on the creation of a tunnel, you should pray to St Barbara daily for both safety and inspiration (if you are an engineer). Statues of Saint Barbara have been found in all engineering structures all over the world, even the tunnel of London has a statue of Saint Barbara buried there. who is st...

St Lucy Prayer


Are you looking for healing of eye problems? Do you want to heal one’s soul? Then, a prayer to St Lucy will help. Born in Syracuse, Sicily, St. Lucy (283-304) was of a noble Greek family. She was brought up as a Christian and made a vow of virginity. Her mother was miraculously cured at the St. Agatha shrine in Catania. St. Lucy distributed her wealth to the less fortunate. However, her...

Prayer to St Anthony


St. Anthony of Padua is the Doctor of the Church and patron of the poor. He was a member of religious order, Franciscan, established by none other than St. Francis of Assisi). He was popularly known as a great theological instructor and preacher. Saint Anthony (1195 to 1231) was also popular as the “hammer of heretics” due to his devotion to his faith. In 1232, Pope Gregory IX canonized him as a...

st benedict prayer


St Benedict was proclaimed by Pope Paul VI as the patron saint of Europe. He portrayed the spirit of moderation. Benedict’s monks are allowed clothes that suit to climate, enough food and sufficient sleep. St Benedict is known as the “Father of Western monasticism,” since he established a Rule that became norm for Christian nuns and monks. It is believed that St Benedict can offer you protection...

prayer to st joseph


There is a lot of prayers to St Joseph that one can incorporate into their lives. The Church does not seem to restrict anyone in any way when it comes to this holy man. We have read many prayers that express love towards this man and most of them are aimed towards his worthy intentions. We will now look at some of St Joseph’s prayers that you can incorporate into your own life. The first...

Prayer of Daniel


The Prayer of Daniel has been passed down for thousands of years in the deserts of the Middle East to today’s modern believers. The Prayer of Daniel is a prayer that was passed down from Daniel, who lived in the 4th century B.C., to his friend Hananiah, who also became a prophet. Daniel’s prayer has been translated into over 400 languages and is mentioned in every major modern-day...

st matthew prayer


We often hear from people that they wish that they could pray to Saint Matthew for money problems, and yet they are worried about the consequences. Are you one of them? If you are then you need to understand that prayer to Saint Matthew can and will work to help you out of your money problems. There is nothing magical about it, no one is asking you to give up anything, just simply change your...