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A collection of the most powerful catholic prayers, featuring traditional catholic prayers and roman catholic prayers.

Long Catholic Prayers


Catholic prayers are an integral part of the Catholic religion, and they are used throughout the day. These prayers are recited in a Catholic Mass, and they are also found in Catholic liturgical rites like baptism and the sacrament of Holy Orders. Do we have long catholic prayers? The Holy Rosary How many times have you heard people say that praying the rosary is the greatest way to spend the...

Catholic Prayers to Break Generational Curses


Catholic prayers to break generational curses are a powerful way to free your ancestors from their sins. These prayers can help you heal from past transgressions and bring peace to your family. Unlike reincarnation, where the person is reincarnated, these prayers can’t be said just once. They must be repeated often and recited daily. The following are examples of effective catholic prayers...

The Catholic Prayer For Safe Travel


When we are embarking on a trip, we often pray for safe travel. Many of us may be traveling for the holidays, for a warm vacation, or for work. Traveling can be stressful and dangerous. We may be worried about losing our luggage, the weather, or other problems that can occur while on the road. Fortunately, there is an easy way to overcome worry and keep your trip as worry-free as possible. When...

1000 Hail Marys


1000 Hail Marys is a powerful prayer for the people in areas prone to hail, tornadoes and heavy rains. Hail Mary is a form of Prayer requesting God to shower those who are affected by the storms with abundant water. 1000 Hail Marys are said to be a time of preparation for the coming of the Son of God. This is a time of redemption and Pentacles are used in the same way that they were used during...

Our Lady of Sorrows Prayer


Did you know that devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows is an old and, over time, a virtuous custom that have been established to enter into the heart of Mary? The title, Our Lady of Sorrows, that was given to the Blessed Mother concentrates on her intense grief and suffering during the passion and death of the Lord. How to say our lady of sorrows prayer Our mother of sorrows, with strength from above...