​Gathering Effective, Evangelizing Parish Practices for the Jubilee Year of Mercy – Joyce Donahue, Diocese of Joliet

As we enter the Year of Mercy, declared by Pope Francis, dioceses and parishes are putting out resources to assist lay people to develop a lived response to Pope Francis’ call to a closer relationship with Christ and to acceptance of the tender forgiveness of the Father. We hope this year will animate our people to … Read more

9 Programs for Outreach to Inactive Catholics – John Boucher

There are a variety of prepackaged programs for outreach programs to inactive Catholics. This article reviews nine programs that you might consider using or adapting for your parish. They are listed by two criteria, cost and effort (planning, volunteers, and work). Programs are tools, like a set of keys. They do not evangelize by themselves. Each of us needs to … Read more

Setting the Stage for Evangelizing Parents

Every parent encounter is an opportunity for evangelization! If you are planning a parent session at your parish, you may find the following suggestions helpful.   1. Get the message out using every means possible, bulletin, email, social media, etc. Hopefully word will spread and you will have a great turn out! 2. Scheduling is key. Choose a day … Read more

10 Simple Ideas for a Catholic Christmas

Christmas season presents us with new opportunities to bring “the Good News of Jesus into every human situation” (Matthew 28:19-20). Here are ten simple ways to bring the good word during the holidays.  How do you bring your faith into the Christmas season? Do you have any other tips to give us? Let us know … Read more

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