What Is An Anglo Catholic?

A small group of people is often considered a fringe group within the larger body of the Catholic church. Still, people in the church are leaving the mainstream and embracing a more traditional Catholicism. They are known as “Anglo-Catholics” and often follow practices that are considered heretical by the larger body of the Catholic church. … Read more

Can Humans Talk to Archangels?

The word “archangel” is a title given to angels who are superior to the angeals, as well as to certain archangels. The title comes from the Greek archan-ge-los, meaning “chief (or supreme) messenger.” Virtually all the names given to angels in the Bible are derived from the title “angel,” while the other titles given to … Read more

Long Catholic Prayers

Catholic prayers are an integral part of the Catholic religion, and they are used throughout the day. These prayers are recited in a Catholic Mass, and they are also found in Catholic liturgical rites like baptism and the sacrament of Holy Orders. Do we have long catholic prayers? The Holy Rosary How many times have … Read more

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