Act of Contrition Prayer For Kids

An Act of Contrition prayer is a deeply personal prayer that engages a person’s will and a sense of guilt over sin. The Catholic Church uses one particular formula to express this prayer, though it is not included in the handbook of Indulgences. Among other things, it requires a person to admit wrongdoing and express … Read more

The Catholic Prayer For Safe Travel

When we are embarking on a trip, we often pray for safe travel. Many of us may be traveling for the holidays, for a warm vacation, or for work. Traveling can be stressful and dangerous. We may be worried about losing our luggage, the weather, or other problems that can occur while on the road. … Read more

How to Pray the Padre Pio Prayer

If you are not sure how to pray a Padre Pio prayer, you should know that it is possible for you to get the desired effect through the prayers of this holy man. He was known to pray for people personally and in writing. His prayers are full of spiritual energy, faith and love, and … Read more

What is a Charismatic Catholic?

If you’re not familiar with the charismatic movement in the Roman Catholic Church, it’s a growing movement that’s been categorized as a “current of grace.” In some cases, the movement has been referred to as a Catholic “charismatic renewal”; others have labeled it a “Charismatic renaissance,” meaning that it is part of a larger charismatic … Read more

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